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Mac Nighthorse, hero of Natural Law, Book II of the Nature of Desire series

Summary: This short piece was the first character interview we ever did with my characters (I think!). It was received so well, it led to the library of them you now find available on this site.

Originally posted at the JWH fan forum in 2004


© Copyright 2004 - All Rights Reserved

I joined Mac Nighthorse on the screened porch of his Florida home on the marsh right about sunset last night to ask him some questions requested by one of our readers (Shi). He got me a white wine and settled into his favorite battered wicker chair with a beer. It was a balmy night, so when I got there, he was wearing a pair of faded jeans, waiting for Violet to get home from work.


JWH: You’ve garnered a lot of fans in a short time, Mac, and many of them didn’t expect to be so enamored of you. They had some preconceived notions about male submissives that you just blew out of the water. Can you explain that?


Mac: *Lifts shoulder in a shrug* Maybe they thought it was a guy you could jerk around by his…ego *a quick grin*. Or worse, a guy who wants a woman to play Mommy to him. From what I can see, most women have to play Mommy enough to about everyone in their life. There’s a difference between a mother and a Mistress, a big difference. I don’t need coddling – I want to take care of Violet, that’s part of what I am, a big part. Violet’s better at saying it… *he chuckles, but his eyes remain serious* She says it’s like the French musketeers, who served the Queen, or Cleopatra’s palace guards. The knights who protected Guinevere. I serve and protect, and I want to serve… *hesitation*


JWH: Women?


Mac: I do protect and care for women. Every man should. But I serve Violet. I serve her interests and passions. I enjoy doing the things that rouse her on all levels. Things that physically and mentally interest her, things that make her laugh. She’s everything that I want, and she knows who I am. She was inside my head, body and heart, from the first time we met. Her scent alone is enough to get me … sorry, don’t want to be crude. It’s just…it was a game before I met her, and she made it not a game anymore. She made it real, made me want to be as honest with myself as she needed me to be with her.


JWH: And Violet takes care of you, too.


Mac: *Pause* Yeah, she does. It’s hard for me to swallow that sometimes, how much she does take care of me, in ways I never knew I needed someone to do. But she’s also made me understand that one of the things that pleasures her is bringing me pleasure, and since she’s good enough at it to kill an average male *wicked grin* I’m learning to try and not resist that idea so much.


JWH: I’ll tread lightly here, because I don’t want to get too personal, but you do a very dangerous job. An often violent one. Sometimes, BDSM focuses on pain, and Violet seems to like to push that envelope with you a bit. Do you think that your comfort level with that may have to do with the fact your job deals so much with violence?


Mac: It might. *considers the marsh view, his silver eyes flickering with the thoughts going on behind them* As a homicide cop, I’ve seen some things that you never get over, and perversely, you sometimes realize that the only thing that can purify a wound is to slice it back open, let it bleed, feel that burn. Certain levels of pain, administered with consent, can release stress and arouse you to…well, I’ll be blunt. You drop the civilized veneer, let it all go. Become more animal than human, in a safe way, though it never feels very safe at the time. She’s just good at managing me that way *laughs, shifts, re-crosses his ankles*. She’s a lion tamer, watching me while I watch her, figuring out what I can get away with, wanting to test her. I make her earn my submission, every time. That’s the key to it for both of us.


JWH: You think it will always be that way?


Mac: *A quick flash of teeth* “I sure hope so, sugar. That’s part of what makes it so good between us.”


*He stretches his arms up and laces his fingers back behind his head, props his bare feet on the coffee table. I shift to the right to give room for his legs. He’s got a lot of leg. I notice the scars across his chest, an old bullet wound. I also notice the sheer strength of that upper torso. I don’t feel it’s a deliberate movement. He doesn’t have a calculated awareness of how impressive it is to see those muscles ripple as he stretches into that position. He is aware of my regard, however. His silver eyes flicker to mine, register the appreciation. Instead of saying anything to break the moment, to embarrass me, he simply waits, lets me look. I get a tantalizing taste of what Violet knows about him, his innate awareness of what serves a woman’s pleasure, and he serves mine now, with all the polite courtesy of a host ensuring a guest’s enjoyment. It’s hard to reciprocate, be a polite guest and not go too far, to pull my gaze back to his face before an indecent time lapse, but I manage it. For one thing, I happen to know Violet is armed. For the other, I know his soul belongs to her. I wouldn’t have him any other way.*


JWH: So you two have a first anniversary coming up. *Nodding at his wedding band* Do you have any special plans for Violet?


*I’m surprised to see a light flush rise on the back of his neck, but before he can answer, I get a response from behind me.*


New Voice: Yes, he does.

*Violet is at the door, leaning against the frame, a light smile on her lips as she meets his gaze with that look that two people madly in love have for each other after they’ve been away from each other through a long work day. I have a feeling they’ll have the same look forty years from now, even when the separation is no more than twenty minutes when he runs down the street to get the morning paper.*


V: Tell her what those plans are, Mackenzie.


*I look back at him, and his attention has not shifted from her.* Mac: She’s been after me to drive my bike. She wants to… this is a little personal, sugar.


V: But I want you to tell her. I want to see you get hard, telling us both about it, anticipating it.


*The tension uncoils in the room and for a moment I understand the explosive heat between them that contains passion and power, love and violence all together, more compatible than I ever thought those things could be. I feel the fire of it scorch my skin, and it’s just a brush of what’s leaping between them.*


*He nods, after a long moment.* Mac: She’s been after me to ride my bike… *Violet’s eyes narrow and an amused light comes to his eyes as he corrects himself, becomes more specific as she obviously is commanding him to do with that look.* She wants to ride me, while riding my bike.


JWH: Pardon me?


*That slow smile, his gaze smoldering on hers, promising retribution for this embarrassing moment in front of a stranger. Her eyes are sparkling now, her hip cocked, waiting.*


Mac: *shifts his gaze back to me* She wants to ride my cock while she drives my Honda. I know some back roads that don’t get a lot of traffic, some fairly low grade dirt trails where she’ll be safe. I’m taking her out there. When we get there, she’s bought me a pair of chaps, to protect my legs. That’s all she’s going to let me wear while I teach her. I’m to strip, put on the chaps… *lifts his attention back to her, and I watch him register her elevated breathing, the parting of her lips, and the resulting tension in his own body, the tightening of all those impressive exposed muscles* She wants me to straddle the bike, then pull her onto my lap, set her luscious ass down on my cock, rub her, then penetrate her tight pussy. Stay deep inside her as I show her how to use the speed and brake controls, take her out for her first ride, let her squeeze down on me while she learns to maneuver the bike until I can’t stand it any more and have to explode in her.


V: Only on my command, Mackenzie.


*His eyes glitter with dangerous desire, and I wonder if I should remove breakables from the room, including myself.* Mac: Your pleasure always comes first for me, Mistress. I want your sweet pussy to come again and again before you issue that command.”


V: “That will be up to me, Mackenzie. Entirely up to me.”


JWH: Well. Okay, then. Um… and how far do you think you’ll manage to…go… that way?


*A sexy chuckle, and his gaze turns back to me*


Mac: As far as she desires. As always.


* * * * *


Needless to say, that was the end of the interview, because the Florida evening had gotten way too hot, and I desperately needed a cold shower. And Violet and Mac…well, they only needed each other.

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