Over the years, many of Joey's characters have done interviews. One-on-ones, group interviews, "live" appearances to do Q&A's online with fans...we've even had a "Newlywed Game" with the Knights of the Board Room and a Tarot Card reading for Dev of Vampire's Claim. Here is a library of all those interviews to pull up and read at your leisure. Learn more about your favorites!

NOTE: Interviews are in order that they were written/posted, starting with the earliest and first one I kept, about Mac Nighthorse. :>


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Ben O'Callahan, Hero of Hostile Takeover, Book V of the Knights of the Board Room series

Summary: Though Ben IS our hero of Hostile Takeover, this interview actually occurred before his book was written: pre-Marcie! It was conducted by Sandy, one of the JWH Forum admins (and Ben devotee) at the Atlantis island retreat.

Originally Posted December 2012 at the JWH Connection Fan Forum

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Lucas: Hero of Book II of the Knights Of The Board Room Series

Summary: "Live" interview with Lucas Adler. Because the admins posted a very entertaining narrative to prep the readers for that interview with Lucas, we’re including it here as both explanation and intro to the Q&A with Lucas that follows!

Originally posted October-November 2013 on the JWH Connection fan forum

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Leland Keller: Hero of Book VII of Knights of the Board Room

Summary: In 2015, AllRomance had a Hottest Hero Contest with Five Rounds, and they laid out what type of info was supposed to be submitted for each round. While the format of this isn’t exactly like a pure character interview, some of it is provided as a profile of Leland and from his perspective, so we’re including it in the character interview library.

Originally posted August 2015


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