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Jonah, hero of Mermaid's Kiss, Book I of the Daughters of Arianne series

Summary: Slip Between the Sheets blog site wanted a one-on-one with Jonah, which he graciously agreed to do...

Originally posted at Slip Between the Sheets blog site 2008.


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Slip Between the Sheets with…


Jonah of A Mermaid’s Kiss



The question all girls want answered. Boxers or briefs?


Hmm… As an angel of the Goddess, I don’t really wear either. My weapons and a scarlet red battle kilt, held with a belt indicating my rank, are all I wear. Since the kilt comes to mid-thigh, which is adequate protection, I wear nothing beneath it. Anna says my uniform is proof the deity who created me is female. I would ignore her when she says such irreverent things, but her sweet lips curve in a smile only a stone could resist.


Give us a visual. ;) What do you sleep in?


Anna’s arms. Though she is a mermaid, she can shift to human form, and often does, so that I may take her on a flight through the clouds before bedtime. I rock her to sleep in the cradle of my wings, for she likes the way the feathers feel against her bare skin. We settle into a bed made up of the clouds, the stars close above us. Other times, we go into her world, beneath the water. We float in the warm currents and watch the plankton become phosphorescent above us, caught by the moonlight.


Do you have any pets?


None, unless you count that irascible sea witch Mina, who Anna insists on keeping as a friend. Watching over Mina, making sure she is safe from the Dark Ones she has angered, has become a trial, particularly since she resists our protection. However, my young lieutenant, David, seems eager to take over her feeding and watering. <Anna just struck me in the stomach for saying such a thing.> However, I am considering it. Anna seems to think Mina fancies David, though I think that ill-natured creature fancies only her own dark haunts and vile potions.


The devil aside, who's your worst enemy?


Actually, what you call the devil is my best friend. For all that he is arrogant and overbearing <Anna laughed for some reason when I said that>, Lucifer has been a true friend. He was ready to kill me when I was possessed by Dark Ones and wanted to destroy the world, and it is difficult to find a friend loyal enough to do that. Though I admit, at the time, he seemed a little overly eager to prove that loyalty.


But to your question. Until recently, I would have said the Dark Ones were my worst enemy, for of course they are who I have fought for centuries, to protect the Goddess and her Earth. However, I have realized my worst enemy can be myself, if I allow despair and darkness to take me. Since Anna’s beauty and light makes it almost impossible for me to be lost in the dark anymore, Lucifer can safely put his scythe away.


If you could bring one person back to life and spend a whole day with him or her, who would it be and why?


It is still difficult to speak of him, forgive me. Ronin. He was my lieutenant and fought with me for decades. I viewed him as a son, and yet I did not appreciate the man as I should have. He was courageous in battle, but more than that, he had the gift of laughter. I underestimated its value until I had to do without it. When you face death as often as we in the Legion do, the ability to see the humor that pervades life, and even death, is crucial. In dark moments, he had the ability to make the angels in my command smile, provide them relief through a hard belly laugh, or even just a passing chuckle… Such things created spears of light through darkness. He may have handled a sword well, but as a soldier, I believe that was his greatest weapon. He wielded it on behalf of us all.


How do you act when angry?


Anna insists that I resemble a blowfish when I get angry. She puffs out her cheeks, purses her lips and makes me believe she is channeling Ronin’s spirit, for I swear, she can make me smile when no one else can, just as he did. I tease her, for when we met she was in awe of angels—though in truth, she slapped me within the first day. While that memory still makes her flush, she is quick to retort she should have realized then how infuriating a mate I would be. I know she doesn’t mean it, however, for her eyes soften when she looks at me, and her body trembles when we touch. I pray that I will always be deserving of her love and devotion. I have told Lucifer this. He gazes at me thoughtfully, pauses in the sharpening of his scythe and responds, “Lesser miracles have been known to happen. Not many, mind you, but some.”


Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth…the seven deadly sins. Which is your weakness?


Lust is not a sin if indulged in honor of the Goddess, and to cherish the female you love. If it is a sin, it would be Anna’s fault I suffer from it. I have known many beautiful women, for it is an angel’s way of grounding himself after battle. However, since I met her, there is no other for me. When I see her playing in the waves, her blond hair sleek on her skull, her lovely pale shoulders…the overlap of her purple and blue scales over her generous hips…I want only to join with her, wrap her in my wings and roll through the waves and the sky together forever.

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