Readers often ask me about future books, particularly whether or not favorite secondary characters will get their own story. So here's what's "percolating" with the muse, as well as a few tidbits about those that are actually "upcoming" (aka "on the schedule") at this point:

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Nature of Desire series:

Upcoming: Marius has appeared in several of the Nature of Desire series books (Natural Law, Branded Sanctuary and Divine Solace). He's often been portrayed as kind of a pain-in-the-ass, overpowering alpha male sub who brats and tops from the bottom way too much. Most Mistresses won't even bother with him anymore. But Mistress Regina likes a challenge, and she doesn't think Marius is yanking a Domme's chain just to be a jerk. She thinks there are some dark layers deep inside him, and she wants to get to the bottom of them. Stay tuned for their story to come out sometime in early spring.

Percolating: At some point in the future, I also expect additional secondary characters from Rough Canvas - Rory and Daralyn, as well as Ellen - to possibly get their own books.

Vampire Queen series:

Upcoming: I was so sure the next ones up in the Vampire Queen series would be Alistair and Nina from Vampire's Claim, but as usual the muse made up her own mind, and with some latecomers to the scene. Cai and Rand, a vampire and wolf shifter servant pairing, only introduced themselves in the most recent Vampire Queen series book, Night's Templar, but they are insisting they are the next Vampire Queen series book. We'll see Cai and Rand in late fall 2017.

Percolating: There are so many stories left to tell in the Vampire Queen world, I'm not even sure where to begin. Alistair and Nina from Vampire's Claim as noted above (I've not given up!); a second story for Kaela and Garron of Elusive Hero; a future story for Kane and Farida, the children of Jacob/Lyssa (Vampire Queen's Servant) and Mason/Jessica (Beloved Vampire), respectively... There are also novellas possible for James and Ella of Club Atlantis (Vampire Mistress). Then there's Rhoswen and Cayden of the Fae world...and Catriona! (Bound by the Vampire Queen). Needless to say, we will not lack for content for this series for some time to come.

Knights of the Board Room series:

With the release of Leland and Celeste's story, Soul Rest, we've completed the Knights of the Board Room series. Never fear, though - I'm sure these guys will make guest appearances in other series! Since I loved these characters as much as you did, I'm also very likely to write some free vignettes "revisiting" image

And on that note, don't forget that there are three free novellas available now revisiting the Knights. You can find them on the JWH fan forum, under the Vignette section. They're titled "The Proper Punishment," "Retribution," and "Doms and Sisters."

Series On Temporary Hiatus:

Berkley hasn't contracted any future books for either the Arcane Shot or Daughters of Arianne series, so I'll likely self publish a couple books to round out the series, because we had the following two stories pending. I just don't know when it will be, with so many other books on the front burners, but I would really like to revisit these series at some point. Because of that, I'm keeping them here as a placeholder for all of us (smile).

Arcane Shot Series:

Percolating: Many of you have let me know how much you enjoyed the tales of my witches, Ruby and Raina, and their Guardian heroes, Derek and Mikhael, in Something About Witches and In the Company of Witches, respectively. We have one more coven sister who tale has yet to be told - the chaos witch, Ramona. A Grim Reaper has taken an interest in her, which is good, because she might just stumble into enough trouble to need his help. Fingers crossed we'll get a go-ahead on Ramona's book sometime in the future.

Daughters of Arianne series:

Percolating: A Mermaid's Ransom introduced Clara, Alexis's best friend. She has her eye on the brooding Dark Legion captain, Marcellus, and he's going to find himself reluctantly assigned as her guardian angel. 

Final Notes…

I have a couple non-series titles rattling around my head as well, so I've enough to hold me for the next couple decades (laughter). But as you can tell, priorities are always shuffling. I'll keep you posted on everything as it develops!


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