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Date: March 3rd 2017
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Having rock and rolled through the second full edit of Truly Helpless, the next Nature of Desire series book, I've now placed Regina and Marius's story in the hands of my capable critique partners. After they do their magic, it's one more edit round, integrating any and all changes, fact checking, a final polish read on my iPad, and then it's in the hands of Story Witch Press (aka my husband) to have it ready for the April 30 release date. But I have fun teasers for you NOW.

CHAPTER ONE AVAILABLE - IN STEREO! You might already know buy links and blurb are up on the book page on my website. But a full Chapter One teaser is there as well! Just scroll down to read it. Or...would you like to hear ME read it? You'll notice that option right under the Chapter One Excerpt header, but here's the direct link as well. And there are some VERY pretty graphics to go with it. See what you think of our first "production." If you like it, let me know, because we'll do more of these in the future if everyone enjoys them. If you hit subscribe (button right below video), that would also be fabulous, because if I get 100 subscribers I can have my own dedicated YouTube storywitch link, to make it easier to find future videos. And don't worry, you know I don't have time to do many of these, so you're not going to get inundated by subscribing, I promise. I have to have time to WRITE the books, after all!

I'm certainly not a professional reader by any means, but I will take any constructive criticism you have to offer to improve my future performances (grin). J.R., one of my cats, makes an appearance at the end of the reading. He says he will NOT be taking any constructive criticism because, being a cat, he is perfect in every way and we are all inferior to him anyhow, lol.

CHAPTER TWO - At the Joey W. Hill Fan Forum Facebook group, you will find a recent post with a link to Chapter Two. So, after reading Chapter One (or listening to it), if you're feeling a little impatient to see what happens when Marius is called into Tyler's office, head over there and you can find out.

MORE PRETTY PICTURES - Remember, I have some inspirational pics about the book up on my Pinterest board for Truly Helpless. You can see all the boards I've created for past books and other topics here.

SONGS AND RESEARCH - I discovered two songs this month that were added to my writing playlist to drive Regina and Marius's story. "Sorry" by Buckcherry and "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. If you look at the lyrics to both these songs, you'll hear some of Marius's inner voice as he comes to grips with why he fights so hard against being what he truly wants to be, a submissive for a Mistress just like Regina. As so often happens, this book took me into some unexpected areas for research - prison system protocols, illegal/underground fighting and cultivated dreadlocks ('locs) for a black woman. My reservoir of random information continues to grow, thanks to where my characters take me, lol. And I'm so glad to have readers and authors willing to be expert resources on so many of these topics!

Can't wait to share their story with you. Less than two months to go!


As was announced in last month's newsletter, the forum will be closing up shop on March 15, since much of the social interaction that used to be conducted there now occurs on other social media platforms, like Facebook groups, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, etc. So here's a repeat of the reminders we gave last month, to alleviate worries about content you've been used to finding there:

1) The Vignettes are not going away. The free novella downloads revisiting my characters are now under the Cantrips series page of my website. This includes the newest one released during the holidays, "Doms and Sisters," a Knights of the Board Room novella. Just scroll beneath the compilation volumes and you'll see the full list of individual free vignettes. This will be their permanent home, along with the two compilation volumes available in print and ebook with all my vignettes written through 2016 (Cantrips Volume 1 and 2).

2) The forum administrators do manage a @JoeyWHillFanForum Facebook page, so you can go there to locate and play with forum friends. The forum administrators are also available to you privately through their email address, Joeywhillfanforum@PROTECTED.

3) My personal interactions with my readers are something I value as much as the writing experience itself, so you are not losing that connection. You will see me appear at the JoeyWHillFanForum Facebook page whenever the admins request my participation for giveaways and other fun social events. You'll also find me daily at my own Facebook author page @JoeyWHillAuthor, and on Twitter @JoeyWHill. In addition to my GoodReads blog, where comments can be posted, I also have an Ask an Author A Question section under my GoodReads profile (link). And you'll always be able to reach me by clicking the Contact link on my website.

Two additional notes:

1) Between now and March 15, if there are posts or pictures you want to cut and paste to save in your own files for future enjoyment and memories, please go ahead and do that, because after March 15, they'll be gone.

2) We've started a thread under the Tea Leaves Lounge on the forum called JWH Connection Says Good-Bye. Jaime, Sandy and I have posted notes there detailing their thoughts and feelings on this and where we go from here. We hope you won't hesitate to post there as well, and ask any questions you have about the forum's closing.

I look forward to seeing you in any and all of the other places noted. The forum admins and I thank you profusely for your support of the forum all these wonderful years!


So when I finish up Regina and Marius's story at the end of March, what's next? Right now, there is a very vocal and intimidating group poised over their keyboards growling, "She better be saying the next Vampire Queen series book - Cai and Rand's story - or there's going to be some serious author ass-whooping happening. She promised!" While anyone who knows me knows that the threat of a spanking is no threat at all, lol, yes, you are correct. Cai and Rand's story is next! This is our vampire and wolf-shifter servant pairing who made their first appearance in Night's Templar and a subsequent guest visit in Medusa's Heart. I have their story outlined and will begin working on the first draft in April. If all goes well, Cai and Rand's story will be ready for you to read in the fall. Soon as I'm sure of a specific month/date, I'll holler about it, promise. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted as teasers become available. And don't forget there are some concept pictures of Cai and Rand under the Night's Templar Pinterest page!

But will there be time for one more book this year? Maybe, just maybe, because I have been working on something else in random moments. So many of you continue to lobby for more Knights of the Board Room stories, even after Doms and Sisters, the 2016 free vignette novella, was released over the holidays (available for download on the Cantrips page). In looking at my vignette idea list, I noticed I have quite a few pending about the KBR series characters. Someone suggested this to me: "Even if you don't have any more full length ideas for this series, why not write 2-3 novellas at once, based on some of those vignette ideas, and release them as an anthology?" I started thinking about it, and three ideas caught my imagination...and took root!

As a result, I'm delighted to say that Knight Nostalgia, a three-novella anthology of Knights of the Board Room "revisits", will come out sometime at year end, if I stay on schedule with Cai and Rand and the other balls that are always juggling. Would you like to know what the three novellas will be about? Here's a loose description of each:

Conqueror's Fantasy - many people have talked about wanting to get deeper into the head of Matt Kensington, and spend more time with him and Savannah, since their book started it all. Years ago, in a character interview, Matt mentioned that he was going to take Savannah to a private island resort which was dedicated to BDSM lifestylers. On their last night there, he brings to life a specific fantasy for Savannah, one she's harbored since she had this thought in Board Resolution:

He rose as he always did, an act of Southern courtesy she'd teased him about with appropriate feminist acidity. He did it for all women, but somehow the way he did it for her, with his gaze locked on hers as he rose, always set butterflies in her stomach into a tailspin. He didn't smile, those firm lips and aristocratic nose an inspiration for a sculptor trying to depict a warrior king.

It was an apt comparison. The elegance of the board room was a façade. Strip it away, make it the walls of a tent, then prop armor, shields and swords against the wall, and its nature would not change. It was the domain of a conqueror, and every time she came here, she felt it. His desire to claim, control, invade.

Girls' Day Out - In Hostile Takeover, Ben made a serious misstep. Somewhere along the line, I can't remember if it was just general chatter during a social media discussion or in an interview, it was suggested that, to make amends, he should take all the K&A women out for a shopping trip. This will be what happened during that trip.

The Card Game - Some of you have pointed out that Dana and Rachel never had their "board room" initiation as Savannah and Cass did. In The Card Game, the men decide to hold a late night poker game around the table, with two very attractive centerpieces who have to do whatever the man who wins each winning hand commands. With some very interesting results...

The one drawback to getting this anthology out as close to the end of the year as possible is that my annual free vignette might have to be delayed, with the anthology coming out near Christmas instead. But I hope these stories will help win your forgiveness for that!


Since I was recently having to transfer my playlist information off the JWH Connection fan forum, I was revisiting some of the songs that helped inspire the story directions as well as character development. Then there are songs that you sent to me after the books were published, saying "I think this song fits so-n-so character or scene so well. What do you think?" And very often I agreed, and it was added to that book's playlist, or one of my general "mood" playlists to help inspire future characters. Music is such an important part of how I write. It's also why I'm partially deaf now, lol, because when I used to ride the ferry to work and had to tune out all the people noise, I would crank up my iPod earbuds to near maximum.

My musical trip down memory lane became my latest GoodReads post. You can find the post HERE and see if any of this music resonates with you for your favorite characters or stories of mine. Or, if you have other songs you'd like to tell me about that remind you of my characters, I always love to hear about those, because that may become another song in my writing-inspiration playlists!

If you want to keep track of when and what I blog about, you can bookmark this link and/or follow me on GoodReads. You're always welcome to leave comments, as well as suggestions for future topics.

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04/30/17 - Truly Helpless, the next book in the Nature of Desire series, featuring Mistress Regina and Marius.

10/31/16 - Medusa's Heart - A new standalone with (mostly) all new characters.

05/31/16 - Worth the Wait, Book IX of the Nature of Desire series (book can standalone!)


Weekly GoodReads Blog - Be sure and note my article in the main body about this. I appear there every several weeks or so with a post, discussing reader-suggested topics or my own random thoughts. Comments and input welcome!

For my most up-to-date appearances info throughout the month, follow me on Twitter or "Like" my Author Page on Facebook - I'll keep you in the loop as things happen!


SEXY AND SASSY SIGNING, hosted by Literary Gossip - July 6-7, 2018, Norfolk, VA

I would love to see any and all of you! I'll keep you posted when 2018 signups go live, but visit the link noted for details on the 2017 signing in Baltimore, if you'd like to attend. I understand the 2016 event was fabulous! It was hosted by Literary Gossip, and if you are familiar with the energy and enthusiasm of the Literary Gossip ladies, I'm sure hearing that it was a resounding success for readers and authors will not be a surprise.

I've been scaling back to just 1-2 conferences a year for the past couple years, and now that I'm turning my focus more squarely on self-publishing and the best ways to promote those projects, my husband and I have agreed that 2017 will be a stay-at-home year. But I'm looking forward to this 2018 con. How 2016-2017 go in terms of sales and other promotional opportunities will determine if I do more than SASSE in 2018, but I definitely hope to get the chance to see as many of you as possible! But you know even if I'm not at conferences, I'm never further away than the nearest email, FB, Twitter or GoodReads interaction. Staying in contact with you all keeps my creative batteries charged!


Want a Kindle signature? My books are listed at the Authorgraph site, so if you'd like a "Kindlegraph", send me a request! Just go to, put Joey W. Hill in the search line, and it will pull up my books, with a "Request Authorgraph" button beneath each.

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MUGS MUGS MUGS Have you checked out the five gorgeous mugs we're now offering to celebrate the books? The designs feature Hostile Takeover of Knights of the Board Room, Natural Law of Nature of Desire, Night's Templar of the Vampire Queen books, and Make Her Dreams Come True (the first erotic romance I ever wrote). There's also a Joey W. Hill signature mug. These are for sale on my website HERE. Just follow the directions to order your preference.


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