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Date: October 30th 2016
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Many of you know that Halloween is my very favorite holiday of the year, which means I want to celebrate! Over the past few months, we've been planning some lovely surprises for you all. Though we're still putting the finishing touches on a couple of them, we're close enough that we've decided we can go ahead and announce they'll be rolling out before year end. So here goes. Let's start with the one you know about, but I hope that hasn't dimmed your excitement one bit:

MEDUSA'S HEART IS NOW AVAILABLE! As of October 31, Medusa's Heart has released! Click here to see all the vendor buy links under the book blurb. And remember, there's a Chapter One excerpt right below that if you need help deciding if you want to take the plunge with John Pierce and Medusa's story. This is a standalone title, not connected to any of my existing series, and it is more BDSM-lite than my other books. That was not planned; John Pierce and Medusa had some major trust issues to overcome, so JP had to proceed a little more slowly with Medusa. You get some awesome guest appearances in this book, however: Cai and Rand of Night's Templar show up, as do Clara and Marcellus from the Daughters of Arianne series. Plus there's a whole new cast of intriguing characters that come in during Part 2 of the book.

As you may remember, we have an official Countdown Page with a fabulous giveaway on it. Today (Oct 31) is the LAST day to enter the giveaway, so enter if you haven't! I'll choose and contact the winner on November 1 and let everyone know who won through the usual outlets. We'll leave the Countdown page up for a little bit afterward since it has some pretty pictures and the first post which tells you some background info about my interest in Medusa. However, for some cool teaser graphics about the book to enjoy or spread around, visit my Medusa's Heart Pinterest page.

I look forward to hearing what you think of Medusa's Heart!


HAVE YOU EVER WANTED ALL THE VIGNETTES UNDER ONE COVER? Ever since around 2008, I have written free novellas and shorts revisiting the characters from my series as a thank you to my readers. As a result, I now have a library of over fourteen of them! These have always been available as free digital standalones that currently reside in all the popular download formats at the JWH Connection forum under the Vignette section. Once many years ago, I put a small handful of them together in a promotional book for the Authors After Dark conference, but we've never really had an official compilation. WELL, NOW WE DO.

Within the next several weeks, we will be releasing Volumes 1 & 2 of Cantrips, which will contain all vignettes created through 2016. In case you're not familiar with the word, Cantrips has several meanings. What amused me initially, given my "storywitch" moniker, was that the first definition I read was the Scottish-derived meaning, "A witch's trick." But the reason we chose to call our Vignette volumes this odd little word had to do with another definition of Cantrips: "minor magics to create amusement." Since I've mentioned in the past that writing these vignettes gives me a creative breather from the pressures of deadlines and full length story arcs, it made the meaning all the more relevant.

These two volumes will be available as both ebooks and IN PRINT. The individual standalones will continue to be free on the JWH Connection fan forum, never fear. This is just a perk to those who've always wanted to have them all together. As I write more free vignettes (which I fully intend to do), we'll release a new volume each time we have a sufficient amount of vignettes to create one. Now, want to see the covers? Go to the Cantrips series page here. We'll update this with BUY LINKS as soon as we go live with them, which should happen sometime in November if all goes well. And don't worry, when that happens, I will announce it from the rooftops through FB, Twitter, the forum, etc. I'm so pleased to offer you all the option of having these vignettes in this manner, and hope you'll enjoy revisiting them all again and again.

WHAT ABOUT THIS YEAR'S VIGNETTE? But what, may you ask, is the hold up on releasing these volumes NOW? Well, we want to include this year's vignette in them, so that the volumes truly represent all vignettes written through the end of 2016. Since the vignettes are arranged in the books in the date order in which I wrote them, it will be the final entry in Volume 2 of Cantrips. What will it be about? That's been the million dollar question for a few months, but I finally have an answer for you. Drumroll...

The name of the vignette is "Doms and Sisters." Okay, I've done the dramatic pause thing to see if anyone immediately shrieked with joy, because they guessed from the title alone who this vignette will feature. Yep, think I heard a couple screams from the Knights of the Board Room side of the room (grin). Yes, Cass has finally decided Lucas is going to get his "sisters" fantasy, the fantasy Marcie embellished with some of her own imaginings. And of course Ben will be there to fully participate, because Marcie isn't doing anything like this without his presence and input! And no, there is NO INCEST in this vignette, I promise (eww...gross). A Gibbs head slap to anyone who ever even thought that.

I admit, I initially wondered how challenging it would be to skirt the boundaries of that without things feeling stilted, but I should have had more faith in Lucas and Ben. They had that issue covered (no spoilers here - wink). So, in case you haven't caught up, this year's annual vignette will be a Knights of the Board Room novella. While the KBR series is finished, I did promise on occasion we might have a vignette revisiting some of the crew, and the muse decided to go that way this year. I think she wanted to give one more nod to those who have so enthusiastically supported these characters, even after their series ended. Don't worry if you don't want Cantrips: Volume 2; the individual standalone will be posted at the JWH Connection forum for FREE just as all the other vignettes have been. I will announce that when it happens (should be around the same November timeframe).

MUGS AND MORE MUGS: Some time ago I had mentioned to my husband that a mug with just a romance cover on it didn't really thrill me. Too much empty space, too blah. I wanted something more dramatic and artsy. As an answer to that, he's come up with five designs. Four of them represent the books: Hostile Takeover of Knights of the Board Room, Natural Law of Nature of Desire, Night's Templar of the Vampire Queen books, and Make Her Dreams Come True (the first erotic romance I ever wrote). In my opinion, they are stunning! I already have my own set (lol). But I said five, didn't I? Does anyone remember the mug I did as a promo thing years ago with this quote from Natural Law? "I'd give anything to just kneel at your feet, brush my mouth along your thighs. Remind you I'm there to service you however you want me." Well, we've updated that mug. It has the same artwork, including my signature, but also has the Amano Jyaku designed witch/cat artwork that's on my website.

Anyhow, these mugs are now for sale on my website HERE. Take a look at them and see what you think. If you like one or more, just follow the directions to order them, and we'll get those out to you so you can have one for your very own. Hope you like them! We're not looking to make a bunch of money on these things. For one thing, except when they're mass produced (and I've no plans to set up a mug factory, lol), they're a little pricey on both the buyer and seller side of the equation. I just wanted to offer you all something a bit different and fun to celebrate your love of the books.


This has been another million dollar question. Many of you know I've been seesawing with the muse between Cai/Rand for the Vampire Queen series, or Regina/Marius for Nature of Desire. Cai/Rand were the vampire/wolf shifter servant pairing from Night's Templar, and Marius is our recurring troublemaker in NOD, the sub who will not be tamed. But Mistress Regina has some ideas on that. She first appeared at the auction in Branded Sanctuary.

I usually alternate my paranormal projects with contemporaries, because flipping back and forth seems to keep the creative perspective fresh in either genre. Which means Regina and Marius initially seemed to be next, but then, on a trip, I started getting outline information for Cai and Rand, fast and furious. So I thought, okay, they'll be next, because I was hitting a wall on Regina and Marius's major conflict point. But I should have known they weren't yet down for the count. While the rest of the country has been caught up in the upcoming election insanity, my book candidates have been having ongoing debates in my head. With no mediator or commercial breaks, lol!

On a subsequent roadtrip (where I do most my brainstorming), Regina and Marius came roaring back with the conflict point and a great opening scene chapter, followed by a flurry of other scene ideas. So...yep. The final decision is Truly Helpless. This is the tentative title for Regina and Marius's book, which will be my next release. The good news for my Vampire Queen series fans is that Cai and Rand, barring any highly exceptional circumstances, will come right after them. So we'll likely see Truly Helpless in the spring, and Cai/Rand sometime in late fall 2017.


The Nature of Desire series book, Worth the Wait, as well as three more of the Knights of the Board Room books -- Afterlife, Hostile Takeover and Soul Rest -- are now in production with Audible. The narrators have been chosen and I've had the chance to provide feedback for both. Still don't have a date when the books will be available, but since we're rolling along so well, I'm hoping they'll tell me something before the end of the year. Hope you all are as excited about these four books being available on audio as I am!

As mentioned last month, while we still have no interest from Penguin/Random House on utilizing their audio rights on the Vampire Queen series books, Nightfall is available on audio, and eventually I may approach Audible about whether they'd have any interest in the self-pub Vampire Queen series titles (Elusive Hero, Scientific Method and Night's Templar). However, for right now we're concentrating on the series for which Audible already had audio editions available. With this decision above, the complete Nature of Desire series will be available on Audible, and all but Honor Bound and Controlled Response of the Knights of the Board Room series (those two titles belong to Penguin/Random House).

Oh, and for those who wonder about Medusa's Heart in audio: Since this is a standalone with no established series sales track record, I haven't approached Audible about it yet, but we'll see how it does!


While I post a GoodReads blog topic about every week or two, I like to mention the ones that seem to particularly resonate with the readers. That was the case with the one posted October 21. Cliff Notes for Men was intended to address in short form the useful things men could learn from a romance novel about pleasing women. While everyone seems to think the information is useful, we all agree the hard part is getting men to read it. Though at least there's a better chance of them reading an article than most of them sitting down and reading a whole romance novel - ha! Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading it, and feel free to add your own comments and suggestions. If you want to keep track of what I babble about from week to week, you can bookmark this link and/or follow me on GoodReads to receive the weekly update. You're always welcome to leave comments, as well as suggestions for future topics. It might save me from being painfully boring (grin).


Have you always loved it? Or are you just discovering this wonderful genre? Either way, there is an awesome documentary that is a joyful validation of our shared reading choice. Several years ago a group of committed folks began putting together a comprehensive documentary on the romance industry, why we love it and what it's all about, and Love Between the Covers is the result. The trailer alone gives you a dozen happy fuzzies. You can see it here, with lots of bonus footage as well as options to rent or buy the documentary digitally. My understanding is eventually there will also be a DVD for individual sale - sounds like December, just in time for Christmas! Right now copies can be obtained by libraries and organizations for group viewing. You can find more info about that here. Whether or not you decide to watch the full documentary, I highly recommend the trailer as a pick me up for your day!


If you have, the BDSM Writers' Conference wants you to submit it for consideration in their upcoming FemDom anthology! You can find submission guidelines here. They're looking to spread the word that a Dominant woman is someone to respect and appreciate, in erotic fiction as well as in real life. Deadine is Valentine's Day 2017, so there's plenty of time to make your story shine. I can't wait to see all the great stories in the finished anthology.

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10/31/16 - Medusa's Heart - A new standalone with (mostly) all new characters.

05/31/16 - Worth the Wait, Book IX of the Nature of Desire series (book can standalone!)

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes - Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world.

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016


NOV 17 - Dispelling the Myths of BDSM - Live chat with authors who are in the BDSM lifestyle (including Joey!). Come and ask any questions, discuss your thoughts, learn a lot and have the chance to win lots of prizes! Times: Event will stay open for 24-36 hours and open in the morning hours, Australia/Asian time zone, which is the evening of November 16th U.S. time zone.

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SEXY AND SASSY SIGNING, hosted by Literary Gossip - July 6-7, 2018, Norfolk, VA

I would love to see any and all of you! I'll keep you posted when 2018 signups go live, but visit the link noted for details on the 2017 signing in Baltimore, if you'd like to attend. I understand the 2016 event was fabulous! It was hosted by Literary Gossip, and if you are familiar with the energy and enthusiasm of the Literary Gossip ladies, I'm sure hearing that it was a resounding success for readers and authors will not be a surprise.

I've been scaling back to just 1-2 conferences a year for the past couple years, and now that I'm turning my focus more squarely on self-publishing and the best ways to promote those projects, my husband and I have agreed that 2017 will be a stay-at-home year. But I'm looking forward to this 2018 con. How 2016-2017 go in terms of sales and other promotional opportunities will determine if I do more than SASSE in 2018, but I definitely hope to get the chance to see as many of you as possible! But you know even if I'm not at conferences, I'm never further away than the nearest email, FB, Twitter, GoodReads or JWH Connection forum interaction. Staying in contact with you all keeps my creative batteries charged!


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