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Greetings, all! I'm so sorry it's been awhile since I sent out a newsletter, but real life has been somewhat challenging of late. You know how that is, I'm sure. Can you believe we're in the last couple months of the year? It really seems like 2017 has flown by. Do you remember a few years ago, I wrote "Christmas at the Mall," a short with Vampire Queen's Servant characters Jacob and Lyssa, on a Christmas trip to the mall with their young son Kane? That was a feature written specificallly for Literary Escapism's Black Friday event, a Thanksgiving-through-Christmas series where they invite authors to submit holiday shorts that re-visit some of their favorite characters. Well, since I've been working on Knight Nostalgia, my last book of the year, unfortunately I knew I wasn't going to have time to write my annual free novella thank-you to my readers, so I was pleased to be able to provide a short to Literary Escapism. Therefore, December 15, you can revisit Cai and Rand of Vampire's Soul as they share a special Christmas moment with you all. But heavens, don't wait for that. Go to Literary Escapism NOW and enjoy almost daily contributions by a wealth of wonderful authors, November 24 through December 24.

And on the subject of Vampire's Soul, thank you so much for all the wonderful reactions to Cai and Rand's story. Author Kate Douglas said, "Vampire Queen stories are auto buys for me, and I have never, not once, been disappointed. Vampire's Soul is no exception… It takes a talented author to make the words absolutely sing. Hill has done it once again." Adrianne on GoodReads says, "Joey has given me the gift of expanding my mind and exposed me to genres that I've never considered exploring. She is one of the rare Five Star authors in the heavily populated genre." Another from Judy of GoodReads: "Hill writes with a burning for life in her soul that comes out on paper and reaches into mine." Donna of In My Humble Opinion Reviews declared, "Vampire's Soul is a fantastic addition to the Vampire Queen series… Grab a drink and settle in for a hell of a read." Finally, on Amazon, CL West's succinct but grin-worthy comment was: "How about ten stars?"

Remember, if you haven't yet tried Cai and Rand's story, you can find excerpt (both written and audio, read by me), blurb, buy links and book trailer on the website book page. If you're new to the Vampire Queen series, some familiarity with the world would probably be good, like perhaps the first two books, or the standalone book 4, Beloved Vampire.


As always, in honor of the season, I'm doing a charity giveaway, where I donate $50 to the charity of the winner's choice. So how to enter? Send me an email at storywitch@PROTECTED and tell me your favorite charity. If you're the randomly chosen winner of my giveaway, I will make a $50 gift to your charity, as well as offer you the choice of a signed book or a lovely Vampire's Soul tote bag, created by the fabulous Debi from the fan forum. The winner will be chosen by year end and I'll announce who that winner was in the next newsletter.

And more giveaways! If you haven't visited yet, or lately, now's a good time to join or stop back in at the JWHMembersOnly Group. The admins are starting some fun holiday giveaways. But, beyond that, it's a great place to talk about the books, your favorite characters, or just rub elbows with other lovers of our erotic romance genre.


I'm delighted that Regina and Marius's story, Truly Helpless, has been nominated for the BDSM Writers' Conference Golden Flogger award in the Dominant women/submissive men category. Hooray! If you'd like to add to your reading list from all the award nominees, check here. I also want to mention that the conference planners are gearing up for their two yearly conferences, one in New York City, one in Washington State. This is a great BDSM education con for anyone interested in learning more about the BDSM lifestyle, whether purely for curiosity or personal interest. Readers and writers are welcome. Here's a summary of the short write-up that Dr. Charley Ferrer, the organizer, put out, which summarizes why I recommend this event so often:

"As I recall some of the best moments at this year’s BDSM Writers' Con, the thing I loved most--aside from the workshops--was our 'Taste of Dominance'. I was thrilled to see so many participants learning how to throw a whip with our fabulous BDSM Expert Instructor, and all the participants who had their first taste of bondage suspension. I remember looking at one corner early in the night and seeing a few ladies "holding up the wall" like at a teen dance. Yet in no time, they had slowly made their way over to the various 'Taste' stations and were learning and exploring new techniques; even knife play with our fabulous instructors, Naughttiboy; not to mention the BDSM skills shared by Sir Guy and Bo Blaze and his family.  Plus, our very own "virgin" as she called herself in her keynote speech, Lynda Aicher discovered how to throw a whip and is well on her way to becoming an expert at Florentine Flogging. (With two Golden Flogger Awards under her belt, she's well on her way to being an expert.) To top it all, what I found most heartwarming was the camaraderie that built between our participants, as one participant gave the whip she'd won in the raffle (made by expert whip maker, Victor Tella) to another participant because she knew how much this young Domme loved whips. That alone speaks volumes about the nature of our participants and the community we are building at BDSM Writers' Con. I’m so proud to host this conference!

If you’re an author, you’ll thrill at the fact that you’ll be able to experience many aspects of the lifestyle which you can add to your writing to create fantastic characters and scenes your readers will love. As a reader, this is a warm welcoming environment that you can feel safe exploring with a friend or loved one to discover the truths about this lifestyle and get a little hands-on experience of what you read about."


While we're on the subject of conferences, there's so much excitement building about the 2018 Sexy and Sassy Signing event in Norfolk! This will be my first year attending, but I've heard it's a lot of fun for all involved. If you're planning on going, definitely check out the site link NOW to make your reservations and register for this April 20-21 weekend. You can find out who else is going and what types of events are happening, including the public signing. I'd love to see you all there! There's also an anthology for sale from some of the participating authors, the proceeds of which are benefitting VETSports.

And though my second conference of the year, the RWA Chicago Spring Fling, is an author industry event, there is a public signing, so if you're in the area, plan on coming to see us all there. If you're an author attending the conference, I'll be hosting the Hot Night Critiques event!


So are you an audiobook fan? I just discovered a great Facebook group, Aural Fixation Romance Audiobooks, where all they do is discuss and recommend audiobooks. There are drop-ins by authors, narrators, etc. I did a giveaway there last month, giving out audio codes for several of my works. What? You didn't know I have books available in audio? I surely do - all of the Nature of Desire series except Truly Helpless, some of the Knights of the Board Room series; Nightfall from the Vampire Queen series and Naughty Bits the full novella. Having listened to a couple of the books for the first time myself this year, I've realized that hearing them read by accomplished narrators can provide a whole new experience. As evidenced by this wonderful feedback from Lady Elizabeth of on My Own Writer's Life Journey blog, when she listened to Holding the Cards, the first of the Nature of Desire series and one of my older works: "I think that this book in audio version is the best thing that could have happened to me. I believe this story needs to be appreciated, read in increments, not in one sitting; why? There is so much to take in and process, that reading in one sitting would be overwhelming. So much would be lost to you. Listening to the audiobook without pressure or any type of rush was such a breath-taking experience." If you'd like to check out my books on audio, you can find all of them here on Audible, and Naughty Bits here on Tantor.


Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? We all have, haven't we? That was the topic of my latest GoodReads blog post. See what you think of it.


So I've been working on the last book of the year, Knight Nostalgia, a three-novella anthology of new Knights of the Board Room series "revisits." It's been fun remembering the unique qualities of these characters. Want a snippet from the first story, a role-playing fantasy Matt gives Savannah when they're visiting an exclusive BDSM resort island?

* * *

Matthew Lord Kensington was unsettled. Nervous, if he was being entirely truthful with himself.

He ran a Fortune 500 company he’d expanded tenfold from his father’s oil field operations. He’d embraced his sexual Dominance at nearly the same time he’d taken those reins, so in bed or in the office he remained in control, in ways that contented and challenged him. He’d made and recovered from enough mistakes in his life that missteps didn’t fluster him. They didn’t derail him from achieving his goals.

He didn’t get nervous. Ever.

Though admittedly, many husbands might feel jumpy if they were being confronted by his current situation. Two astoundingly beautiful women—neither one his wife—were kneeling at his feet. They were also naked, except for tiny golden waist chains that proclaimed them slaves. His slaves.

Apparently thinking he hadn’t heard her, the redhead with milk-white skin and amazingly generous breasts, repeated their purpose for being here. “You ordered a bath and massage, my lord, to remove the dust of the battlefield. You wished to be clean before bedding your conquest.”

"I made no such order.”

The two women remained silent, heads bowing. They of course would never dispute his word. Then it clicked. Some days, Savannah knew how to outplay even his best move. This part of their trip had been planned as a special surprise for her, but she would have been made aware of it a few hours ago. So he expected she’d made her own alteration to the schedule.

Savannah Tennyson Kensington was the only force on earth who could unbalance or take him by surprise. Or make him nervous. She’d done all three tonight, though he would manfully do his best to make sure she didn’t know it.

Or at least not until after he offered her the fantasy she hadn’t expected him to fulfill.

* * *

In case you didn't catch it in earlier issues, here's the summary on what the three novellas will be about.

Conqueror's Fantasy - many people have talked about wanting to get deeper into the head of Matt Kensington, and spend more time with him and Savannah. Years ago, in a character interview, Matt mentioned that he was going to take Savannah to a private island resort which was dedicated to BDSM lifestylers. On their last night there, he brings to life a specific, long-held fantasy of Savannah's.

Girls' Day Out - In Hostile Takeover, Ben made a serious misstep. While I can't remember where it was proposed, somewhere along the line it was suggested he make amends by taking all the K&A women out for a shopping trip. This will be what happened during that trip.

The Card Game - Some of you have pointed out that Dana and Rachel never had their "board room" initiation as Savannah and Cass did. In The Card Game, the men decide to hold a late night poker game around the table, with two very attractive centerpieces who have to do whatever the man who wins each winning hand commands. With some very interesting results...


CONTACTING ME - Remember, you can find me online through my website email contact link or email me directly at storywitch@PROTECTED. You can also leave a question for me under my Author Profile on GoodReads. I'm on Facebook under Joey W. Hill, and @JoeyWHill on Twitter. My Pinterest boards related to the books are here.

Thank you all so much for your support of my work!

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Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Knight Nostalgia, a new three-novella revisit with Knights of the Board Room series characters.

09/30/17 - Vampire's Soul, the next book in the Vampire Queen series, featuring Cai and Rand, a vampire-wolf shifter servant pairing.

07/31/17 - Re-release of the Daughters of Arianne series - $4.99 ebook pricing!

04/30/17 - Truly Helpless, the next book in the Nature of Desire series, featuring Mistress Regina and Marius.


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