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Date: May 15th 2017


We have a lot happening this VERY week, so let me jump in...

VIRTUAL SIGNING - $9.99 PRINT BOOKS! Truly Helpless released April 30. It reached #9 on the Romantic Erotica list on Amazon, which was fabulous, and to date has collected a bunch of five star reviews from readers and reviewers - thank you all very much! One particular thing that Truly Helpless has generated is an interest in other books in the Nature of Desire series. Which in turn made me think about previous edition copies of these books I have on my shelves. Same content, just different covers due to change of publishers, right reversions, etc. So I've launched a $9.99 virtual signing of vintage editions! This includes not only Nature of Desire series books, but three books in the Knights of the Board Room series and three in the Vampire Queen series. Click HERE to see what's available and place your order!

KRISTEN ASHLEY TAKEOVER MAY 19 - Many of you who read mainstream romance may be familiar with Kristen Ashley's work, particularly her Rock Chick series. I was introduced to her through her beautiful book The Will. She writes spicy and beautiful character-driven romances, and she recently decided to try her hand at BDSM romance, due to a long-nurtured interest in the genre. The result is The Deep End. I wrote a review of it here, and since the book featured a Female Dominant and alpha male sub as protagonists, I approached her about being the first "takeover" guest at the JWHMembersOnly Facebook page (the successor to our previous JWH Connection forum). She agreed, and will not only be there for a half hour on May 19; she is bringing a handful of advance review copies of The Farthest Edge to give away, the next book in the Honey series! (The Deep End was the first.) Hope you can come and play with us. Be sure to join the group prior to the event (see next item).

JWH MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK PAGE - GIVEAWAYS - The JWHMembersOnly Facebook page, the successor to our JWH Connection forum, is going strong. The tireless admins figured out how to do spoiler discussion groups by using the Event feature in FB; they've used the same functionality to set up the ongoing games from the old forum AND are now running giveaways. For instance, during the entire month of May, if you post a review of Truly Helpless at GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. and put the link on the Giveaway Event page on the Group, you're entered into giveaway drawings! And as noted above, the Kristen Ashley takeover will be at this page on the 19th. Hope you'll stop by and reconnect with your old friends from the JWH Connection, or, if you never had the pleasure of visiting the old forum, come and make new friends now. They're a great group.

How do you get there? Easy! Just go to the JWH Members Only Page here and click the button to Join. An admin will receive a notification that you have asked to join the group. Once the admin approves, you'll get an immediate notification in your FB notification file to say you are accepted, and then the group shows up in your group list. You're all set! Go back to the page (where it will now show your status as "Joined"), and you'll be able to join in all the fun.

Q&A VIDEO - I ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS - After I did the video reading of Chapter One of Truly Helpless, readers responded so positively I've released another video. This one is a Twenty Question Q&A where I answer questions posed by you, the readers. My husband has provided amusing subtext when he felt I didn't answer the question according to HIS preferences. This is why you should be careful WHO you use as your videographer, lol.


HOW A FEMALE DOMME HANDLES A TROUBLED MALE SUB - For those who've read Regina and Marius's story, or some of the teasers, you know Marius has a LOT of demons. The kind that can land a Domme in some pretty tricky waters. GraveTells gave me the opportunity to discuss how a Domme like Regina handles a sub like Marius. See what you think.

WONDERFUL FEEDBACK - As noted above, I've been honored to receive such incredible feedback about the book from readers and reviewers. I wish I could quote all of them with effusive thanks, but here are just a couple sample quotes: From Under the Covers: "No one gets the headspace of a sub in consensual play more than Ms. Hill. I’m always in awe of how she connects two characters in such a beautiful way... Her submissive men are knight in shining armor types that don’t have a hint of femininity. There’s always a satisfying HEA and a promise of things to come. A very highly recommended read for BDSM lovers who want to delve beyond the surface of what makes D/s relationships tick." Butterfly's BookNerdia said, "a testament to the absolute brilliance of Hill's writing and why she is one of my favorite authors. Her ability to bring characters to life is second to none." And from RedzWorld Blog: "I have been a fan of Ms. Hill's works for many years, and I always love how she brings us to the edge and makes me fall in love with her characters."

Finally, two personal favorites from readers: "If your heart needs to be cuddled and challenged, your libido needs to be lifted or your ideas about how complicated relationships can be when they are worthwhile, then sit down, read, and expect to want to own every one of Joey's books." And: "Best character development. Best plots. Best, most realistic dialogue. Best understanding of real life bdsm dynamics. Best use of semi colons in a sex scene. All her books are the best. And she, unlike me, knows 37 other words that also mean 'best.'" Both of these reviews gave me a big grin! Thank you all so much!

HOW CAN I HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT TRULY HELPLESS (or any of Joey's books?) - Feel free to share the link to the Truly Helpless book page where your friends can find the free Chapter One excerpt and buy links. You can also share the teaser jpgs at the Truly Helpless Pinterest Board. I always appreciate reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you'd like to share your reaction. Readers are the most powerful and honest marketing force an author can have. If your enthusiasm for my work turns even one other reader on to my books, you've given me the best gift a reader can give to an author. So thank you!

THE MORE WE HAVE, THE MORE WE BITCH - Thanks to it being such a wonderful release month, I was having an overflow of feeling about the issue of gratitude, and so wrote this post on GoodReads. Hope it gives you some inspiring thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings about your own life.


As of last newsletter, Penguin Random House returned the rights to seven of my books. The three Daughters of Arianne series books (Mermaid's Kiss, Witch's Beauty and Mermaid's Ransom); the two Arcane Shot series books (Something About Witches and In the Company of Witches), and two of my Vampire Queen series books, Vampire Instinct and Bound by the Vampire Queen. For those who've not yet taken the plunge with my mermaid/angel or witch/guardian stories, this is excellent news, since we'll re-release the books at self-published ebook prices in the coming months, along with a lot of fanfare to let you know it's happening (beaming). Likewise on the two VQS books. The Daughters of Arianne will be first. Since I'm having to re-read all the books and correct formatting errors involved in converting them from final PDF galleys, it may take us a couple months to get them back out there, but we'll work as fast as possible, I promise. It's actually pretty fun to revisit these characters after having been away from them a while. I'm currently falling in love all over again with Jonah and Anna of Mermaid's Kiss.

NOTE: Until we re-release these seven books, the only versions currently available are the publisher's remaining print stock, which should be reasonably priced. Beware any third-party sellers charging outrageous prices. Oh, and if you're like many of my readers and are saying "What? Joey has books about mermaids, angels and witches? When did this happen?" Lol...never fear. Click on the series links I provided in that first paragraph and you'll be able to read excerpts and blurbs on these books.


VAMPIRE'S SOUL - Cai and Rand's story, the next Vampire Queen series book, has a title! Our vampire and wolf-shifter servant pair who made their first appearance in Night's Templar and a subsequent guest visit in Medusa's Heart will appear in VAMPIRE'S SOUL in the fall. Soon as I'm sure of a specific month/date, I'll holler about it, promise. In the meantime, here are a couple snippets I shared this month on FB to give everyone an impression of this pair:

* * * * *

First, a humorous interchange between the two:

“Okay.” Rand nodded. “That’ll work.”

Cai shook his head. “So you’re good with it, just like that. ‘Hey, let’s do a third mark soul-binding, hike into the Appalachians, and find a bunch of psychotic fuckheads who will probably torture us to death in ways so creative Satan will award said fuckheads an Exceeds Expectations trophy. Whaddya say?”

“So anything that turns out better than that will be gravy.” Rand shrugged.

Cai grimaced. “Forgot to add the worst part of it. Being saddled with a cheery optimist with dog breath. Kill me now and spare me undue suffering.”

* * * * *

Then later, a far more intimate scene between the two:

In wolf speak, showing the belly or throat was a concession to another’s dominance. Rand gave Cai that, at least in this moment. In a pack, such submission served function and order. Here it was about that deeper, darker thing Rand detected inside the vampire, which found an answer inside a lone wolf.

“Don't close your eyes,” Cai ordered, his voice harsh, eyes glittering.

Rand reached up to him, not surprised when Cai intercepted the motion and grasped his wrist in a restraining hand. “You either,” he murmured.

* * * * *

Hope you enjoyed those. And Cai and Rand now have their own Pinterest page for concept shots of their characters and other story features. Click here.

KNIGHT NOSTALGIA - I'm still working on Knight Nostalgia in the spare moments, though admittedly the work to get those seven rights-reverted books back out asap is cutting into that time. However, I still have my eye on having this book out as close to year end as possible. For those tuning in for the first time about this, Knight Nostalgia is a three-novella anthology of new Knights of the Board Room series "revisits". Here's another quick recap on what the three novellas will be about:

Conqueror's Fantasy - many people have talked about wanting to get deeper into the head of Matt Kensington, and spend more time with him and Savannah. Years ago, in a character interview, Matt mentioned that he was going to take Savannah to a private island resort which was dedicated to BDSM lifestylers. On their last night there, he brings to life a specific, long-held fantasy of Savannah's.

Girls' Day Out - In Hostile Takeover, Ben made a serious misstep. While I can't remember where it was proposed, somewhere along the line it was suggested he make amends by taking all the K&A women out for a shopping trip. This will be what happened during that trip.

The Card Game - Some of you have pointed out that Dana and Rachel never had their "board room" initiation as Savannah and Cass did. In The Card Game, the men decide to hold a late night poker game around the table, with two very attractive centerpieces who have to do whatever the man who wins each winning hand commands. With some very interesting results...

The one drawback to getting this anthology out as close to the end of the year as possible is that my annual free vignette might have to be delayed, with the anthology coming out near Christmas instead. But I hope these stories will help win your forgiveness for that!


CONTACTING ME - Remember, you can find me online through my website email contact link or email me directly at storywitch@PROTECTED. You can also leave a question for me under my Author Profile on GoodReads. I'm on Facebook under Joey W. Hill, and @JoeyWHill on Twitter. My Pinterest boards related to the books are here:

Thank you all so much for your support of my work!

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Dec 2017/Jan 2018 - Knight Nostalgia, a new three-novella revisit with Knights of the Board Room series characters.

Fall 2017 - Vampire's Soul, the next book in the Vampire Queen series, featuring Cai and Rand, a vampire-wolf shifter servant pairing.

04/30/17 - Truly Helpless, the next book in the Nature of Desire series, featuring Mistress Regina and Marius.

10/31/16 - Medusa's Heart - A new standalone with (mostly) all new characters.


GoodReads Blog - Whenever a reasonably intelligent or interesting topic strikes me, I do a blog post on GoodReads. Click on that link I just offered to see current and past topics. Comments and input for subject material always welcome!

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