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Date: April 18th 2017


"I don't need you to be perfect to want you. I just need to know you're trying to be the best person you can be with me, and you're always, always trying to be honest."


These words Regina says to Marius strike at the heart of the challenges they face with one another. I loved writing these two. Regina was an unusual combination as a Mistress. Incredibly strong AND tender. And Marius...that poor boy was so messed up, but such a fighter. Regina needed her training as a former prison correctional officer AND her stern but loving Mother Goddess side to bring him home. But of course they found their way to their happily-ever-after. I wouldn't give them to you any other way (beaming). So, the final manuscript is done, Amazon, Kobo and iBooks buy links are up, the print proof is on its way for our final review...looks like this book is really going to happen, lol! Truly Helpless, the next Nature of Desire series book, will release April 30. Here are some fun things happening between then and now. Some of these you may have noticed last month, but some are new, and some have been tweaked for even more new content!

CHAPTER ONE AVAILABLE - IN STEREO! Yes, buy links, blurb and Chapter One teaser are all up on the book page on my website. You also have the option of me READING CHAPTER ONE ALOUD to you. Just look for the YouTube direct link right under the Excerpt header. A montage of VERY pretty graphics follows along with the reading. Oh, and if you drop down lower in this newsletter, you'll find another YouTube video is already in the works - a live Q&A with me!

MORE PRETTY PICTURES - Thanks to reader input, I've added some more inspirational pics of Regina and Marius to their Pinterest board, as well as some teaser jpgs you might enjoy looking at or sharing! You can see all the boards I've created for past books and other topics here.

AND MORE MUSIC... - Two more songs entered the Regina/Marius playlist, both of which addressed some feelings Marius had to confront about his past during the story. One is "I'm Moving On" by Rascal Flatts. The other was "Let it Go" by Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, particularly this chorus: I'm breaking free from these memories / Gotta let it go, just let it go / I've said goodbye, Set it all on fire / Gotta let it go, just let it go.

RELEASE CELEBRATION AT DIRTY MINDS SOCIAL CLUB - The gang over at Dirty Minds Social Club on Facebook have agreed to let me take over their page April 29, 6-10pm EST, and I plan to have giveaways, questions, entertaining discussions and all sorts of other activities happening for those four hours as we countdown to when the book will become available. Come join me! NOTE: Be sure and Join the page early so there'll be time for you to be approved before the celebration!

HOW CAN I HELP SPREAD THE WORD? - If you'd like to spread the word about the book, feel free to share the link to the Truly Helpless book page where your friends can find the free Chapter One excerpt and buy links. You can also share some of those teaser jpgs at the Truly Helpless Pinterest Board. Once the book releases, I always appreciate reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you'd like to share your reaction. Readers are the most powerful and honest marketing force an author can have. If your enthusiasm for my work turns even one other reader on to my books, you've given me the best gift a reader can give to an author. So thank you!

I am hopping up and down with impatience to share this story with you! Hope you all like Regina and Marius.


Yes, the JWH Connection fan forum did shut its doors, but the party has merely moved to a different locale. The Joey W. Hill Fan Forum Facebook page is up and running, and the team of moderators has kept the fun rolling there ever since the transition. Many of you requested that this page be "Closed", to give the membership privacy similar to what you had on the JWH Connection forum. The moderators heard and responded to that desire. So the Joey W. Hill Fan Forum Facebook page is really only a gateway to the JWH members Only page. How do you get there? Easy! Just go to the JWH Members Only Page here and click the button to Join. An admin will receive a notification that you have asked to join the group. Once the admin approves, you'll get an immediate notification in your FB notification file to say you are accepted, and then the group shows up in your group list. You're all set! Go back to the page (where it will now show your status as "Joined"), and you'll be able to join in all the fun. They have games, pictures, questions and discussion topics similar to what we had on the old forum.

Just a quick reminder on the old forum content. The Vignettes did NOT go away. The free novella downloads revisiting my characters are now under the Cantrips series page of my website. This includes the newest one released during the holidays, "Doms and Sisters," a Knights of the Board Room novella. Just scroll beneath the compilation volumes and you'll see the full list of individual free vignettes. This will be their permanent home, along with the two compilation volumes available in print and ebook. They contain all my vignettes written through 2016 (Cantrips Volumes 1 and 2).


Since the response to the YouTube video reading of Truly Helpless Chapter One was so enthusiastic, I'm doing another video event this month! Recently, I posted a request on both my Facebook page and the JWH Members Only page, requesting ten questions from each site. We'll be producing a video of me answering those questions that will go live sometime this month before the release of Truly Helpless. Just keep your eye on Twitter or FB, because I'll announce it when it gets posted. And don't worry; if you don't do social media, I'll post the link in the next monthly newsletter so you can enjoy it then!

If you would like me to do more of this kind of audiovisual thing, then do me a big favor on YouTube and hit subscribe (button right below any of the videos I put out), because if I get 100 subscribers I can have my own dedicated YouTube storywitch link, which will also make it easier for you to find future videos. And don't worry about an increase in your junk mail. It will be no worse than my every 4-6 week newsletter notifications. I only have so much time in a day, and most of that is about writing the books!


As of this month, Penguin Random House is returning the rights to seven of my books. The three Daughters of Arianne series books (Mermaid's Kiss, Witch's Beauty and Mermaid's Ransom); the two Arcane Shot series books (Something About Witches and In the Company of Witches), and two of my Vampire Queen series books, Vampire Instinct and Bound by the Vampire Queen. For those who've not yet taken the plunge with my mermaid/angel or witch/guardian stories, this is excellent news, since we'll re-release the books at self-published ebook prices in the coming months, along with a lot of fanfare to let you know it's happening (beaming). Likewise on the two VQS books. However, if you love the covers on these books and don't have a print copy, go snag yourself one while the publisher still has stock to sell, because once they're gone, those covers are gone as well. In the current publishing environment, I'm happy to have full control over these books again, but the PRH cover to A Witch's Beauty is one of my all-time favorites (with Mark of the Vampire Queen a very close second). Don Sipley, the artist, did an amazing job with so much of my work with Berkley/Penguin Random House.

NOTE: Until we re-release these seven books, the only versions currently available are the publisher's remaining print stock, and third-party sellers who might be charging outrageous prices. However, we hope to have the ebooks and their new print versions out in the next couple months, so these titles WILL be available again in a reasonable timeframe. If you're like many of my readers and are saying "What? Joey has books about mermaids, angels and witches? When did this happen?" Lol...never fear. Click on the series links I provided in that first paragraph and you'll be able to read excerpts and blurbs on these books. And, for a little while longer at least, you'll be able to see that beautiful cover art! Though we'll try to come up with some pretty nice covers to take their place (wink).


Wouldn't you just love to have a Netflix-style streaming service dedicated entirely to romance? Well, it looks like that wish may come true. PassionFlix, a streaming service launching in September 2017, intends to offer women-oriented/romance programming. And not just existing movies and series. They intend to turn more romance novels into film offerings, and they've already started. Currently, Alessandra Torres' Hollywood Dirt is in production. You can read an article RT BookReviews did about PassionFlix here. There's a link to the site in the article where you can sign up to keep informed about their offerings. Exciting stuff!


So as you know if you read my newsletter last month, or have been following me here and there on the social media sites, the next book will be Cai and Rand's story, a Vampire Queen series book! This is our vampire and wolf-shifter servant pairing who made their first appearance in Night's Templar and a subsequent guest visit in Medusa's Heart. I outlined their story months ago (2-3 different car trips, where they warred with Regina and Marius for first place in the queue, lol), so I'm now officially starting on the first draft of the book. If all goes well, Cai and Rand's story will be ready for you to read in the fall. Soon as I'm sure of a specific month/date, I'll holler about it, promise. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted as teasers become available. And don't forget there are some concept pictures of Cai and Rand under the Night's Templar Pinterest page!

And yes, I'll still be working on Knight Nostalgia in the spare moments. So many of you have said you want more Knights of the Board Room stories, and in looking at my vignette/novella idea list, I noticed I have quite a few pending about these characters. As a result, Knight Nostalgia, a three-novella anthology of Knights of the Board Room "revisits", will come out sometime at year end, if I stay on schedule with Cai and Rand. Here's another quick recap on what the three novellas will be about:

Conqueror's Fantasy - many people have talked about wanting to get deeper into the head of Matt Kensington, and spend more time with him and Savannah. Years ago, in a character interview, Matt mentioned that he was going to take Savannah to a private island resort which was dedicated to BDSM lifestylers. On their last night there, he brings to life a specific, long-held fantasy of Savannah's.

Girls' Day Out - In Hostile Takeover, Ben made a serious misstep. While I can't remember where it was proposed, somewhere along the line it was suggested he make amends by taking all the K&A women out for a shopping trip. This will be what happened during that trip.

The Card Game - Some of you have pointed out that Dana and Rachel never had their "board room" initiation as Savannah and Cass did. In The Card Game, the men decide to hold a late night poker game around the table, with two very attractive centerpieces who have to do whatever the man who wins each winning hand commands. With some very interesting results...

The one drawback to getting this anthology out as close to the end of the year as possible is that my annual free vignette might have to be delayed, with the anthology coming out near Christmas instead. But I hope these stories will help win your forgiveness for that!

CONTACTING ME - Remember, you can find me online through my website email contact link or email me directly at storywitch@PROTECTED. You can also leave a question for me under my Author Profile on GoodReads. I'm on Facebook under Joey W. Hill, and @JoeyWHill on Twitter. My Pinterest boards related to the books are here:

Thank you all so much for your support of my work!

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04/30/17 - Truly Helpless, the next book in the Nature of Desire series, featuring Mistress Regina and Marius.

10/31/16 - Medusa's Heart - A new standalone with (mostly) all new characters.

05/31/16 - Worth the Wait, Book IX of the Nature of Desire series (book can standalone!)


APRIL 29, 6-10pm EST - TAKEOVER AT Dirty Minds Social Club - Let's celebrate the release of Truly Helpless! Be sure and Join the group prior to the event so the moderators have time to approve you.

GoodReads Blog - Whenever a reasonably intelligent or interesting topic strikes me, I do a blog post on GoodReads. Click on that link I just offered to see current and past topics. Comments and input for subject material always welcome!

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SEXY AND SASSY SIGNING 2018, hosted by Literary Gossip - July 6-7, 2018, Norfolk, VA - Though they're working on the upcoming 2017 event now (it should be a blast; go if you can!), you can bookmark this link and track everything going on with the 2018 event as it develops. I would love to see any and all of you!


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MUGS MUGS MUGS Have you checked out the five gorgeous mugs we're now offering to celebrate the books? The designs feature Hostile Takeover of Knights of the Board Room, Natural Law of Nature of Desire, Night's Templar of the Vampire Queen books, and Make Her Dreams Come True (the first erotic romance I ever wrote). There's also a Joey W. Hill signature mug. These are for sale on my website HERE. Just follow the directions to order your preference.


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