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Date: July 12th 2016
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So what did I do this past month to keep the creative juices flowing? I read a few books, like Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready, The Will by Kristen Ashley, Protecting His Own by Cherise Sinclair and Power Play by Rachel Haimowitz and Cat Grant. You can find my reviews on all of these on GoodReads. Needless to say, all these talented ladies provided worthwhile reads. I also discovered a new song to add to my MiscEmote playlist, "All for One" by Five for Fighting. This was thanks to watching one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Hawaii Five-O. The song is played at the end of the 100th episode, Ep 7 in Season 5, "If Perhaps". On the movie front, I went to see Warcraft and Zootopia. Not sure if Zootopia really added to my creative reservoir for writing paranormal or contemporary romance, but it was fun. On Netflix, I discovered a lovely movie for those who appreciate the integrity of music. Begin Again stars Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley, and she doesn't do too bad a job with the singing, though it's not her main forte. Mr. Robot was my new dramatic TV series find. It may go the way of Sons of Anarchy and get too dark and depressing, but I've loved Rami Malek, the actor who plays the main role, since I saw his far-too-short cameo in Breaking Dawn Part 2, so I'll give it a shot.

Good stories in any medium AND good music inspire my own stories. Plus the TV, movies and music help me with my daily exercise regimen, keeping the body and mind up to the demands of the current and future projects. As such, I thank all the writers/creators involved with these. So, let's talk about those projects, shall we?


Recently, a reader sent me the following comment: "I have been an avid reader since early childhood, enjoying almost any genre (you have broadened them), but occasionally find myself getting frustrated with reading. I will hit a spell were I don't dislike what I am reading but don't LOVE what I am reading. I go back and reread one of books. I finish with that reunion type feeling, having visited with people I wish I could visit with regularly, knowing I would never be disappointed or ready to leave."

Since I'm a reader myself, I know that feeling. Therefore, having readers tell me things like that NEVER gets old. I've been overwhelmed by the favorable response to Des and Julie's story, Worth the Wait. It's received quite a few five star ratings on reader review sites like GoodReads and Amazon, as well as top ratings from professional reviewers. Both of these mean the world to me! I've listed some of these under Awards & Accolades, though every one of them goes into my keeper file.

BOOKCLUB CHAT: Would you like to join me at an online party and talk about the book? No holds barred on spoilers, questions and comments! We can talk about Des and Julie as much as you want, and any other topics that come up. Virtual drinks, giveaways and fun! Come to the event JULY 16, 8-10PM ET at the JWH Connection fan forum. If you've never logged onto the forum before, access info is here.

BUY LINKS: If you haven't yet obtained your copy of Worth the Wait, you can find all buy links on the website book page here! And yes, that includes PRINT and EBOOK versions. If you want the print book, be sure to take advantage of the Kindle Match program, where you'll get the Kindle version for free if you order the print book through Amazon. As far as an AUDIO version, I have initiated that discussion with some audiobook providers, and hope to have some progress to report in the next newsletter or two.

CURIOUS ABOUT THE "BEHIND THE SCENES" INFO ON THE NATURE OF DESIRE SERIES? At the end of May, I ran an eight-part Facebook series on each Nature of Desire book - how the story came about, miscellaneous factoids/tidbits that even longtime readers might not know about that particular book, etc. If you'd like to read those posts, I'm listing them here so you can find out more "behind the scenes" info on your favorites!

Opening Post - I'll Never Write That - Yet I Did

Holding the Cards - How the Nature of Desire Series Began

Natural Law

Ice Queen/Mirror of My Soul

Mistress of Redemption

Rough Canvas

Branded Sanctuary

Divine Solace

I'VE ADDED MORE PICTURES Worth the Wait has its own Pinterest page, with celebrity visions of Des, Julie, and some examples of the rope artistry Des explores as a Dom. Thanks to a wonderful reader, I recently added a pic of Des doing some handyman work. This vision of him would definitely inspire me to break some things around the house so they'd need repair.

CAN WTW STANDALONE? Yes, it most certainly can. However, if you'd like to read other books in the Nature of Desire series, they're all available for $4.99 apiece in ebook. You can find buy links, descriptions and free excerpts on that series page.

GIVEAWAY! I am hosting a GoodReads giveaway where I'll offer three winners a signed copy of Worth the Wait and a fun bundle of swag. To enter, all you have to do is go to GoodReads here. Contest is open until JULY 20. Last month's newsletter contest, for a free signed copy of Worth the Wait, 2 ebooks of the reader's choice and fun swag, was won by Erin! In addition to Worth the Wait, Erin wanted ebook copies of Beloved Vampire and Soul Rest - great choices!


This was my most recent GoodReads blog topic. I try to stay away from politics, because that's not why I write my stories, and not the kind of relationship I want to have with you, my readers. I want my stories to be a safe haven from the kind of warped ugliness that goes along with current day politics and controversial social issues. But when I started thinking about why I particularly don't like it when romance authors use their books as vehicles for their personal political viewpoints, I came up with this blog topic. Hope you enjoy the perspective. Click here to read it. Remember, I do a weekly post on GoodReads now, and you can bookmark this link and/or follow me on GoodReads to receive the weekly update. You're always welcome to leave suggestions in the comments for future topics!


A few years back I wrote a lovely little novella about an antique toy store owner and his eccentric employee at Christmas time. Riptide Publishing (EXCELLENT LGBT publisher if you love that genre or are wanting to try it) has recently adjusted prices on their novellas, so Submissive Angel is now permanently 99 cents! If you haven't had the chance to read Robert and Ange's story, I invite you to have a little taste of Christmas in July. Click here for the book page where you can read a blurb, free excerpt, and access buy links.


As I mentioned last month, I've had a standalone percolating in my head for a very long time, and the muse says it's time to make it happen. I know my readers love my ongoing series, but I'm hoping you'll take a little detour with me. The story is about Medusa, and contemporary and paranormal lines will cross as our hero, John Pierce, leaves our world and time and steps into hers. The funny thing is I don't really care for time or interdimensional travel stories, or stories based in Greek mythology, but what caught me personally about this tale was the unfairness of it. Medusa, punished and cursed eternally for being raped. She not only deserves a happily-ever-after -- she deserves a happier life, PERIOD. John Pierce hopes to offer that to her, because he gave her his heart the first time he ever read her tragic myth.

I've already had to research a hodge podge of subjects, like snakes and what type of underwear women wore in ancient Greece (er, none, though they used twisted bands of cloth on the outside of their clothes above and below their bosom as a type of support system). And I've had a surprising series crossover in this story. If you've missed my Daughters of Arianne characters, you'll get to see two of them again in this book. Nope, won't tell you who yet. Don't want to spoil the surprise!

I'm about a week off from finishing the first draft. We're looking at a planned release date of October 31. I'll keep you posted and do all the fun stuff as we progress, like teasers, excerpts and cover reveals!


Ready for a good time in Savannah? Authors After Dark is in Savannah, GA, August 3-7, and registration is still open! There'll be a fantasy ball, a "drive-in" ballroom movie watching experience (think Charlie Hunnam double feature, y'all!), tons of giveaways, reader panels, games, yoga, author-sponsored ghost tours, restaurant outings and more in beautiful Savannah. Still not sure? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP and see what's doing. I'll be hosting our fourth annual EROTIC TRIVIA event with fellow authors Tilly Greene, TJ Michaels and Julie Morgan. Can't wait to play with all of you! If you think you'll be wanting on one of the competing teams, be sure to visit those websites and brush up on all the general info there, because book questions are worth double points, and they'll ALL come from the info on those sites.

DO YOU LIVE IN OR NEAR SAVANNAH, GEORGIA? If you can't attend the conference, but you'd still like to meet me and the other authors, there is a public signing on Saturday, August 6 from 2-4pm ET. Come and see us! The Authors After Dark link above will give you the hotel specifics, but it's the Marriott on the Riverwalk!

Though I can't attend this year, I also highly recommend the 2016 BDSM Writers' Conference (for both READERS and writers) in New York. This is an outstanding con to attend, whether you're a reader merely curious about the BDSM world you've read about, or an author wanting to expand his/her knowledge. You can find out more by visiting here. They have a great lineup of vendors, workshops and hands-on experiences. My understanding is they will be doing another one in Everett, Washington next year as well!


As I said above, I have been blown away by the response of readers and formal reviewers to Worth the Wait. This was the first time I've been organized enough on a book launch to get one of my books out to formal reviewers who might or might not be familiar with my work, so to get so many positive responses was outstanding. I wish I could list every one of them here. I also especially wish I could list all the reader reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, because I was so tickled by all of them, but if you'd like to see what fellow readers have thought of the book, just head to one of those sites and check out both positive and critical feedback to know the pros and cons.

However, since so many blogs did take the time to read the book and offered glowing comments, I wanted to make brief mention of some of them here. Most have also posted on the two sites noted above:

Natasha is a Book Junkie, She Hearts Books, Taste of Sin, Deluged with Books, and JJ's Kinky Books Blog all gave Worth the Wait FIVE Stars!

And they included quotes like the following:

"It’s impossible not to find yourself investing deeply into these characters." --Taste of Sin

"Joey can write the hell out of kink those scenes are more than just the sizzle...intimate and sensual at the same time." --She Hearts Books

JJ'S Kinky Books blog, a top 1% Amazon reviewer, says, "It shows the beauty of D/s relationships; a powerful read that will stay with me for a long time."

Deluged with Books added: "Worth the Wait lives up to its title as an erotic romance penned by truly one of the most talented writers of romance erotica."

Further, My Growing TBR gave it 4-1/2 stars and said: "...plenty of pulse pounding, beautiful and intimate moments along the way. I will not be waiting to 1-click more of this author’s wonderful stories."

Sharon of Badass Blogettes also gave it 4-1/2 stars and said, "I’m captivated by the way Hill blends everyday life with all its joys and trials with the intense sexuality of the BDSM lifestyle into a very loving and believable romance."

In My Humble Opinion said: " complex and simple as love itself...a roller coaster ride of emotions that will leave you breathless. This is the type of story that stays with you way past the last page."

Under the Covers Book Blog gave it a Recommended Read! "I need to start off by saying that Joey Hill was my introduction to the world of BDSM erotica many years ago. Her Vampire Queen series blew me away and, when I found myself needing to delve into this world in more depth, the Nature of Desire series was where I turned. I couldn’t have asked for a more talented author to lead the way. Joey set my standard incredibly high from the get-go. This series has moved me to tears of sadness, relief, and joy on many an occasion. It’s opened my eyes to pairings I might not have had a natural interest in reading beforehand. It is unique, soul-wrenching and authentic. The ninth installment, Worth the Wait, lives up to its name."

And though I directed you toward Amazon and GoodReads to check out reader reviews, I have to mention this one, which was a particular favorite: "I run out of superlatives when it comes to putting my feelings down on 'paper' about a Joey W. Hill story. And really, this time, the title says it all anyway, but as is her habit, Ms. Hill does not settle for the tried-and-true in finding the perfect characters, despite their flaws, to place into the perfect setting. In a literary model where everyone and everything must be perfect to achieve the desired end, Ms. Hill successfully and beautifully shows the reader that ordinary is extraordinary, and 'perfect' is a state of mind. And that a happy ending may not come close to resembling that of your mind's eye, but if you're open to possibilities, it is definitely Worth the Wait."

I have the best readers ever!


BOOKCLUB CHAT JULY 16, 8-10pm ET - As mentioned above, join us at the fan forum on this date to talk about Worth the Wait and whatever other topics you'd enjoy discussing with me. I'm all yours for two hours!

Standard Reminders about the JWH fan forum:

Announcement Panel: When you log onto the forum, there's a pinned Announcement post at the top that will tell you the latest things happening, like the Sunday night chat, new giveaways, etc.

To access the forum, or just learn more about all the great free reads, graphics and more that are offered there, visit this page on my website:

My great thanks to the ladies who independently run this site and give my fans a lovely place to get together and talk about books, hot heroes and all the things erotic romance lovers enjoy!

Worth the Wait Cover Image

Upcoming/Current Release News...

Mark Your Calendars!

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes - Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world.

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016

05/31/16 - Worth the Wait, Book IX of the Nature of Desire series (book can standalone!)

10/31/16 - Medusa story (as yet untitled) - A new standalone with all new characters. Stay tuned for updates!

Online Appearances

Weekly GoodReads Blog - Be sure and note my article in the main body about this. I appear there weekly with a short blog post, discussing reader-suggested topics or my own random thoughts. Comments and input welcome!

July 16, 8-10pm ET - BOOK CLUB CHAT - Talking about Worth the Wait and whatever other topics you all wish to discuss at the JWH Connection fan forum!

For my most up-to-date appearances info throughout the month, visit Tyler's Dungeon on the fan forum, the top thread "Joey's Upcoming Appearances  (Online and Conferences)".

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Conference Appearances

AUTHORS AFTER DARK 2016 - Aug 3-7, 2016, Savannah, GA

I would love to see any and all of you! Sign up now!


GOODREADS Giveaway! I'm currently offering three signed copies of Worth the Wait (and a lovely packet of swag) to three winners. To enter the contest, just click here. Contest ends July 20!

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