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Date: May 24th 2016
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I have lots of news about Julie's story this month! Here we go:

WHEN DOES IT RELEASE? Worth the Wait comes out MAY 31!

CAN I PRE-ORDER IT? - Yep! Preorder links -


You can definitely go straight to your preferred vendor as noted above, but if you click on this Worth the Wait webpage link, you'll see all available pre-order/buy links underneath the blurb as well. PLUS you get...


A FULL CHAPTER ONE excerpt! Just click on Worth the Wait and scroll down under the blurb and buy links.

WILL IT COME OUT IN PRINT? Absolutely. It should be up on Amazon on the release date. Other vendors will have it a few weeks down the road. Since CreateSpace does the printing, and they are an Amazon company, they tend to give themselves a head start on the other distributors (wink).


I CAN'T WAIT. I WANT MORE NOW. How about the PROLOGUE and CHAPTER TWO? Jump over to the JWH Connection fan forum, where I've posted the Prologue, Chapter One AND Chapter Two under the Excerpts section!


STILL NEED MORE? How about EYE CANDY? Worth the Wait has its own Pinterest page, with celebrity visions of Des, Julie, and some examples of the rope artistry Des explores as a Dom. Hope you enjoy those.

Can Julie's story STANDALONE? Yes, it most certainly can. However, if you'd like to read other books in the Nature of Desire series, they're all available for $4.99 apiece in ebook. You can find buy links, descriptions and free excerpts on that series page.

GIVEAWAY! I'm so excited about the release of this book I want to offer a giveaway. Send me an email at storywitch@PROTECTED with the subject line "I CAN'T WAIT FOR JULIE AND DES!" and you'll be eligible for a giveaway bundle that will include a signed copy of Worth the Wait, two ebooks of your choice from my titles, and some fun premium swag. I'll choose the winner prior to the next newsletter.

Come Join the PARTY! We'll be having a Facebook Release Party on JUNE 1, 7-10pm ET to celebrate the book. There will be an outstanding lineup of authors to check out, multiple giveaways and much fun to be had. Come play with me! Join the party here.

I've been away from the Nature of Desire series for too long, and I'm so happy I'll be returning to it for Julie's story. As a reminder, she was Marcus and Thomas's good friend from Rough Canvas. For those of you still enjoying good vibes from the recent conclusion of Naughty Wishes, you'll notice in the blurb Julie will be traveling to North Carolina to help set up an erotic performance theater for her friend Madison! So Madison and her hot Dom husband Logan will play key roles in Julie's book, as will Marcus and Thomas for certain.


Last month we concluded the four-novella series Naughty Wishes, and so many of you had wonderful things to say about Geoff, Sam and Chris's story! Jennifer at Under the Cover blog said: "This was a very rewarding serial...Joey Hill continues to be one of my top BDSM authors and I always look forward to what she has coming next." Donna of In My Humble Opinion reviews said: "This is erotic romance at its finest. Yes, there is smoking hot sex, but what really does it for me is the emotional interactions and growth between the characters. Nobody does it better than Joey W. Hill." Avid Reader notes, "'Soul' is a sensational wrap up to a beautiful story as three people traverse their journey into togetherness, stronger by far than they were as individuals." And Roth says, "Amazing, overwhelming, tender-hearted..." Thank you all!

For those of you who were waiting for all four to be available so you could read the complete story in one sit down, remember, you can purchase all of the novellas at your favorite online vendor, and I've posted all available buy links on the web page here. "But I want a full compilation edition of the four novellas," you say. "When is that happening?" Answer: If the sales of the segments do well, the publisher will likely offer a compilation ebook, audio and print version of Naughty Wishes about a year from the serial release.


This was my most recent GoodReads blog topic, suggested by one of my readers. Can you guess which character I chose? Click here to find out. I do a weekly post out there now, and you can bookmark this link and/or follow me on GoodReads to receive the weekly update. You're always welcome to leave suggestions in the comments for future topics!


I've had a standalone percolating in my head for a very long time, and the muse says it's time to make it happen. I know my readers love my ongoing series, but I'm hoping you'll take a little detour with me. I've no idea yet whether this will launch a new series or just be a single title book, but either way, I'm already enjoying the opener. Want the a teaser from the first draft?

Pierce's reasons for coming through time and an alternate dimension had nothing to do with grand purpose. He wasn't intending to win a war that had been lost, or stop a death that had happened so long ago the bones had turned to dust. He wanted to heal a broken heart. Humans might judge progress through battle and power, lines of territory, the prosperity of a people and how many had iPhones to carry around. Gods such as his lady had experienced, whose actions had sent her into seclusion on this island, judged life based on what they took from it. Like a virgin priestess too beautiful for a god to deny himself, no matter her own feelings about it.

Pierce believed in powers deeper and stronger than what men called gods, a connection like the power of oceans and earth. To those powers, healing a broken heart would create a ripple effect in the universe impacting all. Yet in the end, even that wasn't what drove him. As the saying went, "I won't do it to save the world; I'll do it to save you." She was the only reason he was here, the reason he risked all of himself. A woman he'd never met but whom he knew he was meant to serve...and love.

So have you guessed what the story is about? It's about Medusa, and contemporary and paranormal lines will cross as Pierce leaves our world and time and steps into hers. The funny thing is I don't really care for time or interdimensional travel stories, or stories based in Greek mythology, but what caught me personally about this tale was the unfairness of it. Medusa, punished and cursed eternally for being raped. She not only deserves a happily-ever-after -- she deserves a happier life, PERIOD.

I've started the first draft of the book and hope to have it to you in the next 4-5 months. I'll keep you posted and do all the fun stuff as we progress, like teasers, excerpts and cover reveals!


Ready for a good time in Savannah? Authors After Dark is in Savannah, GA, August 3-9, and registration is now open! "AAD's last year is going to be one filled with memories and laughter and one of a kind experiences..." per the coordinator. So far, I've seen plans for a fantasy ball, a "drive-in" ballroom movie watching experience (think Charlie Hunnam double feature, y'all!), tons of giveaways, reader panels, games, yoga, author-sponsored ghost tours, restaurant outings and more in beautiful Savannah. Still not sure? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP and see what's doing. I'm looking forward to being with you all. Please come, and bring a friend!

Though I can't attend this year, I also highly recommend the 2016 BDSM Writers' Conference (for both READERS and writers) in New York. This is an outstanding con to attend, whether you're a reader merely curious about the BDSM world you've read about, or an author wanting to expand his/her knowledge. You can find out more by visiting here. They have a great lineup of vendors, workshops and hands-on experiences.

If a day trip to discover new authors is more your thing, then take a look at the Sexy and Sassy Signing event in Norfolk, Virginia in July 2016. (Look in the sidebar of that link to find their Facebook page and more info for the event.)


With Worth the Wait about to release, I'd be happy to have any promotional help I can get! However, that said, there's no obligation for you to do any of that. I always want you to first and foremost read the book and hopefully enjoy the experience. However, if it gives you pleasure to spread the word, that is greatly appreciated. YOUR word-to-mouth recommendations to other readers help an author more than any other kind of home-grown marketing. So here are some things you can do:

Share on social media - When I post information on FB or Twitter about new releases or other exciting happenings related to my books, please share wherever you feel is appropriate (don't spam anyone, of course!). And you don't have to wait for me to post. If you love one of my books, share the vendor link, or the book page on my website, because it has everything a reader needs - buy links as well as teaser and blurb about the book.

Post a review and/or rate the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc. - Did you like the book? Post a review! This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a couple lines or even a one click to choose your star rating. On Amazon in particular, this is VERY helpful to an author, because the more positive reviews a book has, the greater the likelihood that it will show up on the "Recommended for You" screen when a reader purchases or views similar titles.

Chat about the books with friends - If you regularly visit online groups like blogs and forums, or you meet in person with friends/co-workers who talk books, chat up mine. This isn't a formal marketing pitch - just honestly share what you liked about the title. As noted above, there is no better marketing an author can have than a reader who genuinely loves their books and lets that love show!

Share pretty pictures! - Do you enjoy graphics with very attractive people in them (particularly heroes)? Who doesn't, right? I usually have fun graphics for each of my series and often for specific titles. You'll find these in my Joeys Pics album on the JWH Connection fan forum. Just login, go to Albums, put Joeys Pics in the search and choose the Other category. If you've never logged into the forum before, here's the access info link. You can have these purely for fun and your own enjoyment, or to share with others; it's entirely up to you!

So if ever you're in the mood to share the love about this or any other of my recent releases, just remember the list above or check out what's happening at my Facebook page! And THANK YOU a hundred times over for anything you do to spread the word!


Exciting Giveaway in May/June - Be sure and hop over to the Running Contests section of the fan forum, because later in May there will be a contest, inspired by the release excitement about Worth the Wait!

Standard Reminders about the JWH fan forum:

Announcement Panel: When you log onto the forum, there's a pinned Announcement post at the top that will tell you the latest things happening, like the Sunday night chat, new giveaways, etc.

To access the forum, or just learn more about all the great free reads, graphics and more that are offered there, visit this page on my website:

My great thanks to the ladies who independently run this site and give my fans a lovely place to get together and talk about books, hot heroes and all the things erotic romance lovers enjoy!

Worth the Wait Cover Image

Upcoming/Current Release News...

Mark Your Calendars!

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes - Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world.

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016

05/31/16 - Worth the Wait, Book IX of the Nature of Desire series (book can standalone!)

Late 2016 - Medusa story (as yet untitled) - A new standalone with all new characters. Stay tuned for updates!

Online Appearances

Weekly GoodReads Blog - Be sure and note my article in the main body about this. I'll be appearing there every Tuesday or Wednesday of the week with a short blog post, discussing a topic of my readers' choosing. Comments and input welcome!

June 1, 7-10pm ET - Worth the Wait Release Party! - come join me and a handful of other favorite authors as we celebrate the release of Julie and Des's story, and party hard with giveaways, games and fun. Join the event page here.

June 14 - Harlequin Junkie Author Spotlight - come hang out with me as I talk about Worth the Wait and answer other Q&As provided by Sara, the lovely HJ host!

NOTE: You'll probably see me promoing the book in a lot of places in late May/early June, because we'll have Blog Tours, Excerpt and Cover Reveals and other events surrounding the release of the book. There will also be GoodReads and FB ads happening as we spread the good word. I'll keep you all posted on anything fun and relevant through FB, Twitter and forum, as always!

For my most up-to-date appearances info throughout the month, visit Tyler's Dungeon on the fan forum, the top thread "Joey's Upcoming Appearances  (Online and Conferences)".

You can also follow me on Twitter or "Like" my Author Page on Facebook - I'll keep you in the loop as things happen!

Conference Appearances

AUTHORS AFTER DARK 2016 - Aug 3-7, 2016, Savannah, GA

I would love to see any and all of you! Sign up now!


Worth the Wait Giveaway - Per my note in the main body of the newsletter, I'm giving away a nice prize package in honor of Worth the Wait! A signed copy of the book, two ebooks of your choice and a bundle of premium swag. Just send me an email at storywitch@PROTECTED with I CAN'T WAIT FOR JULIE and DES in the subject line, and I'll randomly choose from all the emails before the next newsletter comes out.

Christian Grey Fan Page Giveaway - I'll also be offering a signed copy of Worth the Wait and two ebooks of the readers choice at this page on May 16!


Forum Giveaways - Be sure and check the forum regularly - the ladies are always hosting giveaways under the Mina's Coral Sanctuary/Running Contests section. This month will be a fun one celebrating Worth the Wait! Yes, this is in ADDITION to my own contest. Lots of chances to win stuff!

Visit me at any online appearances I have, which are noted each month in the sidebar above, because I often do giveaways as part of those events.


I am an App! You can find my free app for Apple devices here or, when you go to the iTunes store, just put Joey W. Hill in the search line. Same search for Android. On my website homepage,, you'll also find the QNR codes under the More section. You can print those out and scan them (make sure the codes are at least an inch in size).

Want a Kindle signature? My books are listed at the Authorgraph site, so if you'd like a "Kindlegraph", send me a request! Just go to, put Joey W. Hill in the search line, and it will pull up my books, with a "Request Authorgraph" button beneath each.

CONTACTING ME - Remember, you can find me online through my website email contact link or email me directly at storywitch@PROTECTED. You can also leave specific questions for me under the Got a Question for Joey section of the fan forum to be sure I see any comments you make to me on the forum that require a response. While I'd love to have time to follow all the threads and pick up your questions from them, I'm often under deadline and can only regularly monitor the Got a Question thread.

In short, I love to hear from you! I'm on Facebook under Joey W. Hill, and @JoeyWHill on Twitter. I'm also an app, as noted under Extra Stuff, and have Pinterest boards related to the books -

Thank you all so much for your support of my work, always!


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