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Date: February 15th 2016
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Last month, you all had a front row seat in Naughty Wishes Part I : Body as Sam goaded Geoff's Dom side into action. Thank you to Book-a-holics (Not so Anonymous) for their thumbs up review that said: "Body does a fine job leaving you craving for more". And Under the Covers book blog notes: "Joey Hill has a talent for writing real and poignant emotions... This looks to be a sexy and emotional ride for these three."

In this month's installment, "Heart", we meet Chris, their other roommate, and see how his bond with Sam and Geoff figures into their unfolding story. Here's a tiny snippet...

It wasn't a surprise to see Geoff in her doorway. What held her motionless was how his gaze moved over both her and Chris. Thoroughly and possessively. His attention lighted on her thighs and breasts, her expression, the hand she had on Chris's chest. He moved from there to a perusal of Chris's big body, to the relaxed thighs and genitalia between them. Despite the intensity of the climax she'd just experienced, additional sensation pulsed between her legs when she saw no abatement in desire as Geoff's focus shifted between them. She'd always thought Geoff wanted to top them both, but she hadn't been sure. Until now.

"Sam, can you call in a personal day?" he asked.

Chris was stroking her hair. With his fingers combing through the strands, she didn't want to move away from that touch anytime in the next century. When Geoff spoke, Chris didn't stop, telling her he was aware of the other man's presence. But when she looked into Chris's face, she did see a slight tension, an anticipatory awareness. Was he thinking about Geoff standing there, staring at them both, at Chris sprawled out naked and replete? Chris was gazing absently at the ceiling, though, as if he wasn't yet ready to acknowledge what a Dom standing in the doorway looking at them like candy might mean.

"Yes, I think I could take a personal day." She brought herself back to the question with effort. "Do you have the day off?" She realized Geoff had showered and changed into one of her favorite pair of jeans on him, stressed and clinging in the right places. His Nike T-shirt stretched over his shoulders.

"I can shuffle some things. Chris, you're off today, right?"

"Yeah." Chris wound his fingers around Sam's hair, lifting himself up as he spoke. She closed her eyes as he nudged beneath her chin and teased her throat with tongue and lips. Her hand fell to his biceps to grip. She needed the anchor, because when his other hand slid over her hip to curve over her backside, the ground just fell away. Chris was kissing her naked body while Geoff watched. For all she'd fantasized about being with them like this, the reality was overwhelming.

"She's all I want to do today," Chris said. "Come taste her, Geoff. She gets sweeter with every lick."

Naughty Wishes Part II : Heart releases on February 16, two days after Valentine's Day! Remember, this novella serial releases in four consecutive months, the same way Naughty Bits did. YES, Madison and Logan from Naughty Bits are making key appearances in these books (Logan already did in Mind, giving Geoff some needed Dom mentoring). Also, just like with Naughty Bits, if the sales of the novellas do well, the publisher will likely offer a compilation ebook, audio and print version of Naughty Wishes about a year from the serial release.

Pre-Order/Buy links for all four parts are on my website. Come catch up or, if you've already read the first one, I hope you're enjoying their explorations with one another.

Want to see my celebrity vision of the Naughty Wishes characters? Check out my board on Pinterest.


Just a carry over reminder from last month - my publisher Ellora's Cave has returned the rights to all of the titles I had with them. That would be all of the Nature of Desire series, five of the seven Knights of the Board Room books, one from the Vampire Queen series, and a handful of older non-series titles. These books have been given snazzy new covers, thanks to the talented efforts of my husband. If you haven't read one of these yet, or have friends you've been encouraging to read them, now's an excellent time at the self-published ebook prices, $4.99 for a full length and $2.99 for a novella. I've posted the website page links below for all the affected titles. BUY links are below the book blurbs on each page. For those wanting PRINT formats, these are in production NOW. We'll keep you posted in each newsletter and via the social media outlets, but when you see a print version show up under the Amazon or B&N links with the NEW COVER, that means it's available in the new edition!

Vampire Queen series

Knights of the Board Room series

Nature of Desire series

Non-Series Titles


Worth the Wait is the current front burner project, a return to the Nature of Desire series. Our heroine, Julie, is Marcus and Thomas's good friend from Rough Canvas.

The book is roaring right along, and I anticipate finishing the first draft close to the end of the February. Keep your fingers crossed for a May release date. You know my books are always invaded by guest appearances from other characters, and so far this one has not disappointed. Our setting is Charlotte, North Carolina, where Julie has traveled to help set up an erotic performance theater for Madison, our heroine from Naughty Bits. So yes, Madison and Logan will play key roles in the book, as will Marcus and Thomas for certain. I know a lot of you are curious about Julie's hero, Desmond Hayes, because he's an entirely new character across all my series universes, so let me give you a little glimpse of his mind. In this scene, Julie's just met Des, who's a roofing contractor hired to work on the theater building. He's also part of the BDSM scene, a Dom and serious rigger (rope guy). They're sitting on the edge of the stage, because he's invited her to share his lunch with him. This is a first draft, so ignore any weird stuff...

"I've performed as a rigger once or twice," Des said. "It started out okay, then someone wanted me to do a show under a waterfall. Using blue rope and a bunch of fancy lights. I did it, but it was crap and took away from the main point, so yeah, I decided that was the end of my stage career. I have a couple sandwiches for lunch. Want to share? I assume it's past time for your lunch, too."

Julie was able to roll with most topic changes, but that one was abrupt. "We can talk about scheduling your roof work while we eat," he added.

When she hesitated, he gave her a bland look. "I didn't want to resort to this kind of temptation, but I'll even share my carrot sticks."

"Carrot sticks? Did your Mom make your lunch?"

"I like carrots. Don't mock a man's food choices, woman."

She grinned. "What kind of sandwiches?"

He pulled the tote off his shoulder and sat it on the stage. "I have four PB&Js with no-sugar-added jam, chicken salad, a turkey club and a grilled cheese."

"Just a little light lunch then," she said dryly. "Or do you usually pack to share?" She swept her gaze over his slim form, head to toe. "Because if you tell me that's your normal lunch, I'm going to break you in half like the pretzel stick you are."

"You can try, love." Curling his hand around hers, he drew her over to the stage, the gesture so smooth and relaxed there was none of the discomfort she should have felt at having a stranger touch her with such familiarity. Though she did experience an unsettling flutter in her stomach as he set his hands to her waist and boosted her onto the stage.

Her mouth dropped open at the sensation of being weightless, as if he'd picked up a helium balloon. His deep set brown eyes glinted, registering her reaction, and that little flutter expanded into something else as he lingered between her knees, bracing his hands on the stage on either side of her hips. He was tall, so, despite the height of the stage, his face was still in her line of sight without much of a dip of her chin.

"I'm way stronger than I look," he said. "Now, which of those sandwiches do you want? Or, since they're quartered, you can pick and choose."

He moved to lift himself on the stage next to her. If the closeness had extended another moment, she would have had to decide if it was in the realm of inappropriate, but instead she was left with a nice little surge of adrenaline that came with harmless flirting. Though harmless might be the wrong word, since Des was obviously very accomplished at it and comfortable with making a woman feel womanly.

Not in a sleazy way, which was the pushy male vibe that said "I want to have sex with you right now". That was easy enough to shove away. No, his danger was he elicited that reaction from a woman. She could picture having him right here, right now, on the stage. Or him having her.

Which was intriguing since he was skinny, long-haired and…well, a roofer. She didn't consider herself class conscious in the slightest, but her experience with subcontractors was that most were not like this. The vibes he put off were so familiar…

"So the waterfall thing?" she ventured. "You said it was crap. Why?"

"I don't mind being up on a stage doing what I do, and I love coming up with forms that are new, but they have to be tied in with the main point, which is the connection between me and my sub. I want her to be lost in things, caught up in the power of the restraint, of my having control of her and knowing she's safe and yet subject to my desires in all ways. You put too many props into it, fireworks and BS, you lose that music."

She drew in a breath. When his gaze slid up to hers, he held her glance an extra moment, as if he'd detected her subtle tell of body language. Then he returned to unwrapping his lunch for her.

He was a Dom. That's why he seemed so familiar…and irresistible.


My one conference appearance this year will be at Authors After Dark in Savannah, GA, August 3-9. Registration is now open! This will be the last year for this lovely con, and they're returning to the more informal format that launched its success, so I'm looking forward to having even more facetime with readers and sharing an enjoyable time in lovely Savannah with you all.

Though I can't attend this year, I also highly recommend the 2016 BDSM Writers' Conference (for both READERS and writers). There will be TWO this year--one in Everett, Washington and one in NYC, NY. This is an outstanding con to attend, whether you're a reader merely curious about the BDSM world you've read about, or an author wanting to expand his/her knowledge. You can find out more by visiting here. They have a great lineup of vendors, workshops and hands-on experiences in both venues. Tiffany Reisz will be the keynote in Washington, and Sierra Cartwright in NY!

If a day trip to discover new authors is more your thing, then take a look at the Sexy and Sassy Signing event in Norfolk, Virginia in July 2016. (Look in the sidebar of that link to find their Facebook page and more info for the event.)


Thank you so much to LaCrimson Femme for giving a great review to Soul Rest, Leland and Celeste's story in the Knights of the Board Room series: "Ms. Hill's writing style always provides a gem of how to live life. I love her perspective. This story is a wonderful testimony to how one can achieve their dreams... I scarfed [this book] down like a famine survivor at an all you can eat buffet."

I mentioned last month that Jessy of Jessy's Book Club is working her way through the Vampire Queen series, and this month she was on Beloved Vampire, Lord Mason and Jessica's story. I loved her review, particularly this quote: "Sigh, an absolutely amazing story. So much pain but so much love. So much dedication. I want to live in Joey W. Hill’s world forever!"


Standard Reminders about the JWH fan forum:

Announcement Panel: When you log onto the forum, there's a pinned Announcement post at the top that will tell you the latest things happening, like the Sunday night chat, new giveaways, etc.

To access the forum, or just learn more about all the great free reads, graphics and more that are offered there, visit this page on my website:

My great thanks to the ladies who independently run this site and give my fans a lovely place to get together and talk about books, hot heroes and all the things erotic romance lovers enjoy!

Naughty Wishes Cover Image

Upcoming/Current Release News...

Mark Your Calendars!

10/31/15 - The Night's Templar, Book XIII of the Vampire Queen series

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes - Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world. The books will be released in four consecutive months:

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016

Spring 2016 - Worth the Wait - we return to the Nature of Desire series for Julie's story (Marcus and Thomas's good friend in Rough Canvas). Stay tuned for updates as the book progresses!

Online Appearances

Feb 15, 2016 - Kinky Club Chat at the BDSM Writers' Con Home Page, a feature to highlight BDSM Golden Flogger nominees (Soul Rest and Night's Templar are nominated!)

Feb 19, 2016 - 24 Hours of Kink Event - This party is being thrown by author Laci Paige. While I won't be able to be there in person, she's going to post a giveaway and Naughty Wishes excerpt from me. If you'd like to attend this party, which will be full of author appearances and even more giveaways, message Laci Paige ( She'll send you an invite to the group!

Feb 29The Bellator Saga boxset release Facebook party! This will happen at Cecilia London’s Facebook page, where she’ll be featuring a very special release price for the set. I’ll be posting at the party sometime after 7pm CST along with other authors, offering giveaways and book discussions.

For my most up-to-date appearances info throughout the month, visit Tyler's Dungeon on the fan forum, the top thread "Joey's Upcoming Appearances  (Online and Conferences)".

You can also follow me on Twitter or "Like" my Author Page on Facebook - I'll keep you in the loop as things happen!

Conference Appearances

AUTHORS AFTER DARK 2016 - Aug 3-7, 2016, Savannah, GA

AAD 2016 in Savannah will be the LAST AAD. Savannah was one of the most pleasurable and memorable locales for this event, and I hope you all will consider joining us to send this event out with a bang. It will be the only one I can swing this year, so I would love to see any and all of you! Sign up now!



As part of changes to my marketing/promotions strategy, I am ending my monthly book giveaways, but never fear. I will still periodically offer special giveaways in my newsletter, which is what I did last month. Congratulations to Vicki W. on winning a gorgeous Nightfall cover notebook and mug. These are coming your way! To everyone else, stay tuned for future giveaways, or check the information below for other opportunities.

Other Giveaway Options...

Forum Giveaways - Be sure and check the forum regularly - the ladies are always hosting giveaways under the Mina's Coral Sanctuary/Running Contests section.

Visit me at any online appearances I have, which are noted each month in the sidebar above, because I often do giveaways as part of those events.


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