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Date: January 11th 2016
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Wow, a lot of things happening this month! Let me jump right into it. As of January 1, 2016, my publisher Ellora's Cave has returned to me the rights of eleven more titles. These books have been given snazzy new covers, thanks to the talented efforts of my husband, and are being re-released on a staggered schedule this month. If you haven't read one of these yet, or have friends you've been encouraging to read them, now's an excellent time at the self-published ebook prices, $4.99 for a full length and $2.99 for a novella. I've posted the website page links below for all the affected titles. These pages have the BUY/PREORDER links below the book blurbs. If a buy link is not yet active, it's because we're waiting for that vendor to make it live. Once it goes live, it will be immediately updated, so if you're seeking a particular format, just check back. For those wanting PRINT versions, we'll have a staggered schedule for those in February or March. Let me know if you have any questions, and hope you enjoy the new covers!

JAN 7 - Vampire Queen series

JAN 7 - Knights of the Board Room series

JAN 14 - Nature of Desire series

JAN 14 - Non-Series Titles


"While this book may not be your conventional romance of hearts and flowers, still maintains a LOVE element. Love between friends. A love of sex. A love of exploration. And a love that is indescribable. Can something so wrong feel so right? Well, I guess we will find out... Joey W. Hill, if you wanted me addicted to your seductive and gorgeous prose, then mission is accomplished. I can't wait for the next installment." That quote comes from Michelle of Four Chicks Flipping Pages, a wonderfully enthusiastic response to the first installment of Naughty Wishes. We're less than two weeks from the official release date!

Naughty Wishes begins with Part I : Body on January 19. It will be a four-novella serial releasing in four consecutive months, the same way Naughty Bits did. YES, Madison and Logan from Naughty Bits will make a key appearance in these books. Also, just like with Naughty Bits, if the sales of the novellas do well, the publisher will likely offer a compilation ebook and print version of Naughty Wishes about a year from the serial release.

Pre-Order/Buy links are on my website. Geoff, Sam and Chris had a wonderful chemistry. It's been a while since I've written a book about regular twenty-somethings figuring out how to fall in love--AND how to manage Dom/sub dynamics. It was a fun journey, and I hope you think so as well.

Want to see my celebrity vision of the Naughty Wishes characters? Check out my board on Pinterest. Want a bigger sneak peek than the excerpt that's already on my website and the Pinterest link? There's a second excerpt on the JWH Connection fan forum under the Excerpts section.


Don't forget that you have two new Vampire Queen series options out there - Night's Templar came out October 31, and marked the 13th book in the Vampire Queen series. If you've not yet picked up your copy, the BUY LINKS are on the Night's Templar book page.

The other option is the FREE Christmas novella, A Yule Gift, which released on the JWH Connection fan forum just before the holiday. In this free download (which includes gorgeous cover art!), we learn about Daegan Rei's parents and how he came to be. (Daegan was one of the heroes of Vampire Mistress/Vampire Trinity.) All of my free novellas and shorts are under the Vignette section of the fan forum. If you've never been to the fan forum, you can find access info here.

If you haven't yet tried the Vampire Queen series, it's a great time to do so. Click on that series link to check out excerpts and descriptions of each book, including which ones can be read as standalones. And on that note, the self-pub title Nightfall I listed at the top of this newsletter is a Vampire Queen crossover novel I did with the fabulous Desiree Holt. It is a COMPLETE standalone. No previous series books needed to enjoy it. So if you like Desiree's cowboys and my vampires, check it out!


Worth the Wait! There's never been a more appropriate title for a book. After several false starts over the years, Julie's hero has finally appeared, so the next book I'll be writing will be her story. Julie is Marcus and Thomas's friend in Rough Canvas.

The self pub re-releases and last minute galley proofs for Naughty Wishes derailed my schedule a bit, but I intend to start "officially" working on this book next week. As I mentioned last month, the muse has been feeding me so many exciting glimpses, I've been handwriting scenes in a little notebook. I'm having so much fun with the initial interactions between Julie and Desmond, eccentric roofer and all-round Dom! Hope to feed you a few teaser tidbits soon...


My one conference appearance this year will be at Authors After Dark in Savannah, GA, August 3-9. Registration is now open! This will be the last year for this lovely con, and they're retruning to the more informal format that launched its success, so I'm looking forward to having even more facetime with readers and sharing an enjoyable time in lovely Savannah with you all.

Though I can't attend this year, I also highly recommend the 2016 BDSM Writers' Conference (for both READERS and writers). There will be TWO this year--one in Everett, Washington and one in NYC, NY. This is an outstanding con to attend, whether you're a reader merely curious about the BDSM world you've read about, or an author wanting to expand his/her knowledge. You can find out more by visiting here. They have a great lineup of vendors, workshops and hands-on experiences in both venues. Tiffany Reisz will be the keynote in Washington, and Sierra Cartwright in NY!

If a day trip to discover new authors is more your thing, then take a look at the Sexy and Sassy Signing event in Norfolk, Virginia in July 2016. (Look in the sidebar of that link to find Facebook page and more info for the event.)


A few weeks ago, Jessy of Jessy's BookClub discovered the Vampire Queen series and, bless her, she's been posting wonderful reviews about them, starting with The Vampire Queen's Servant here. I am delighted with her reaction to the books. She's given me some memorable and mile-wide-grin inspiring quotes, like this one: "I don't remember a book boyfriend before Jacob and I doubt there'll be one to take his place." (from the review of Mark of the Vampire Queen). Thank you, Jessy!

She's now reading Beloved Vampire, Lord Mason and Jessica's story, and I can't wait to hear her reaction to our sexy Sahara-dwelling vampire!

As far as the random reader quote this month that made me laugh out loud, do a happy dance or otherwise made my day a little brighter, that came from two consecutive tweets about the Knights of the Board Room series. Thank you to GJR for tweeting: "I instantly fell in love with Matthew Lord Kensington. WHY IS HE NOT REAL??! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR READERS!!!??! *sob*... And this one: "Thanks for making me hate reality - I just finished KotB 1,2,5 and I HATE IT WHEN I FINISH YOUR BOOKS COZ I DONT WANT IT TO END!"


Standard Reminders about the JWH fan forum:

Announcement Panel: When you log onto the forum, there's a pinned Announcement post at the top that will tell you the latest things happening, like the Sunday night chat, new giveaways, etc.

To access the forum, or just learn more about all the great free reads, graphics and more that are offered there, visit this page on my website:

My great thanks to the ladies who independently run this site and give my fans a lovely place to get together and talk about books, hot heroes and all the things erotic romance lovers enjoy!


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Naughty Wishes Cover Image

Upcoming/Current Release News...

Mark Your Calendars!

10/31/15 - The Night's Templar, Book XIII of the Vampire Queen series

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes - Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world. The books will be released in four consecutive months:

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016

Spring 2016 - Worth the Wait - we return to the Nature of Desire series for Julie's story (Marcus and Thomas's good friend in Rough Canvas). Stay tuned for updates as the book progresses!

Online Appearances

Feb 15, 2016 - Kinky Club Chat at the BDSM Writers' Con Home Page, a feature to highlight BDSM Golden Flogger nominees (Soul Rest and Night's Templar are nominated!)

For my most up-to-date appearances info throughout the month, visit Tyler's Dungeon on the fan forum, the top thread "Joey's Upcoming Appearances  (Online and Conferences)".

You can also follow me on Twitter or "Like" my Author Page on Facebook - I'll keep you in the loop as things happen!

Conference Appearances

AUTHORS AFTER DARK 2016 - Aug 3-7, 2016, Savannah, GA

Next year, AAD 2016 in Savannah will be the LAST AAD. Savannah was one of our the most pleasurable and memorable locales for this event, and I hope you all will consider joining us to send this event out with a bang. It will be the only one I can swing next year, so I would love to see any and all of you! Sign up now!



As part of changes to my marketing/promotions strategy, I am ending my monthly book giveaways, but never fear. I will still periodically offer special giveaways in my newsletter, which is what I'm doing THIS MONTH!

In honor of the re-releases, I have some absolutely GORGEOUS notebooks and mugs with the Nightfall cover, which can be viewed here. For the chance to win one of these combos, just email me at storywitch@PROTECTED with NIGHTFALL in the subject line. I'll contact the winner before the next newsletter.

Our last monthly book contest winner was Shirley! As part of our Christmas giveaway, I also donated $50 to her chosen charity, The Henry F. Selcer Memorial Empty Stocking Fund in Marshall, Texas. Thank you to all who participated in this special contest, naming the charities you support as part of your entry. You all had wonderful suggestions for charity donations!

Other Giveaway Options...

Forum Giveaways - Be sure and check the forum regularly - the ladies are always hosting giveaways under the Mina's Coral Sanctuary/Running Contests section.

Visit me at any online appearances I have, which are noted each month in the sidebar above, because I often do giveaways as part of those events.

Extra Stuff...

I am an App! You can find my free app for Apple devices here or, when you go to the iTunes store, just put Joey W. Hill in the search line. Same search for Android. On my website homepage,, you'll also find the QNR codes under the More section. You can print those out and scan them (make sure the codes are at least an inch in size).

Want a Kindle signature? My books are listed at the Authorgraph site, so if you'd like a "Kindlegraph", send me a request! Just go to, put Joey W. Hill in the search line, and it will pull up my books, with a "Request Authorgraph" button beneath each.

CONTACTING ME - Remember, you can find me online through my website email contact link or email me directly at storywitch@PROTECTED. You can also leave specific questions for me under the Got a Question for Joey section of the fan forum to be sure I see any comments you make to me on the forum that require a response. While I'd love to have time to follow all the threads and pick up your questions from them, I'm often under deadline and can only regularly monitor the Got a Question thread.

In short, I love to hear from you! I'm on Facebook under Joey W. Hill, and @JoeyWHill on Twitter. I'm also an app, as noted under Extra Stuff, and have Pinterest boards related to the books -

Thank you all so much for your support of my work, always!


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