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Many apologies for skipping our September newsletter, but I'm happy to report that hunkering down on the editing process resulted in an OCTOBER 31 RELEASE DATE for Night's Templar! Yes, the book will be in your hands on Halloween, my personal favorite holiday. It's also a very appropriate date to release the next Vampire Queen series book. On top of that, my husband pointed out that it's Book THIRTEEN of the Vampire Queen series, and the number thirteen has special significance to the Templar Order. Friday the 13th--October 13, 1307--heralded the end of the Order, when the Pope ordered the arrest of the Templars under charges of heresy. Which of course was just a ruse for those who wanted to seize the Templar wealth and assets.

This is a commonly known fact about the Order, but what interested me the most for Uthe's story was the beginning of the Order, and the day-to-day lives of the early Templars. I'm sure I barely scratched the surface of all that was there, but I hope you enjoy learning more about the Templars as a side benefit of sharing Uthe and Keldwyn's journey together!

The BUY LINKS are on the Night's Templar book page, but I'm putting the ones I have so far below as well:

Now, before you ask:

  • Nook - Should be up by October 31. They only allow pre-orders from certain publishers, so if you're not one of those, you have to load your book right when you're ready for it to release. Since sometimes they take about 24-72 hours for it to go live, we'll load it Thursday night.
  • Print Version - the print version will be uploaded sometime next week, and I'll shoot a blast out on FB, Twitter and the fan forum when it goes live. At that point, you should be able to find the tree copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or have your local bookseller order it.

REMEMBER ALL BUY LINKS ARE ON THE NIGHT'S TEMPLAR BOOK PAGE, and this page will be updated immediately when these other links are received. Buy links for ALL my books are listed on their website book pages. Just go to, choose the Books drop down menu and choose your series to peruse the titles.


What a wonderful time for you to try out the Vampire Queen series! (Notice I just provided you a link so you can go read blurbs and free excerpts from all the books in the series - I'm sneaky that way - lol). These days, I'm very delighted to hear from someone hasn't yet tried the series (but wants to) because instead of having to say "Oh, well I've written a couple books for that", I can say "Awesome - I've got thirteen books for you to read!"

However, to address the question, "No", I wouldn't read Night's Templar if you haven't read any other books in the series. It's very deeply entrenched in the Vampire Queen world and, while I think a savvy reader could make the deductions necessary to make sense of it all, the time and energy you'd put into that would be sapped from enjoying the main focus of the story. You don't have to read ALL thirteen books to enjoy it; I'd say read one of the other standalones, like Beloved Vampire, which is a great gateway book into the series with the sexy Lord Mason, or read the first two in the series, Vampire Queen's Servant and Mark of the Vampire Queen, with Lady Lyssa and Jacob, who started it all. That will give you the background you need. Again, you can click the series link above to read excerpts and blurbs for all the books and get a feel for them. Each book also comes with a recommendation on whether it can be read as a standalone or which books should be read as prequels for it.


I've been blessed with the kind of wonderful readers who ask that question. In an ideal world, I could answer, "Oh, don't worry about any of that. Just enjoy the books!" And first and foremost, that's what I always want you to do. However, if it gives you joy and pleasure to spread the word, that is greatly appreciated, especially in an increasingly competitive market with SO many books available. YOUR word-to-mouth recommendations to other readers helps an author more than any other kind of home-grown marketing. So here are some things you can do:

  • Post a review and/or rate the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc. - Did you like the book? Post a review! This doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a couple lines or even a one click to choose your star rating. On Amazon in particular, this is VERY helpful to an author, because the more positive reviews a book has, the greater the likelihood that it will show up on the "Recommended for You" screen when a reader purchases or views similar titles.
  • Share on social media - When a new release like Night's Templar happens, copy the URL for the book page on my website and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever you feel is appropriate (don't spam anyone, of course!). You can do vendor buy links as well, but I often recommend using the book page, because it has everything a reader needs - buy links as well as teaser and blurb about the book.
  • Chat about the books with friends - If you regularly visit online groups like blogs and forums, or you meet in person with friends/co-workers who talk books, chat up mine. This isn't a formal marketing pitch - just honestly share what you liked about the title. As noted above, there is no better marketing an author can have than a reader who genuinely loves their books and lets that love show!
  • Share pretty pictures! - Do you enjoy graphics with very attractive people in them (particularly heroes)? Who doesn't, right? I usually have fun graphics for each of my series and often for specific titles. You'll find these (including some for Night's Templar) in my Joeys Pics album on the JWH Connection fan forum. Just login, go to Albums, put Joeys Pics in the search and choose the Other category. If you've never logged in the forum before, here's the access info link. You can have these purely for fun and your own enjoyment, or to share with others; it's entirely up to you!

Often my readers ask "how can I join your street team"? More and more authors are moving to the common sense idea that "all my readers are my street team", meaning they put action items on their FB page or in their newsletters like this to encourage all readers who wish to do so to help out. That takes the pressure off of someone who's too busy one week, but gives them the opportunity to help out at another time, since the action items are ongoing. Make sense? So if ever you're in the mood to share the love, just remember the list above or check out what's happening at my Facebook page! And THANK YOU a hundred times over for anything you do to spread the word!


As you can see from the sidebar under UPCOMING/CURRENT RELEASES, the next one will give you four months of reading pleasure! Naughty Wishes will release as a four-novella serial, one per month, just as Naughty Bits did, and that happens January through April 2016. Quite a few of you emailed me during Naughty Bits, saying how you hadn't expected to enjoy the serial format, but you found yourself looking forward to the next segment each month. I hope you have that same experience with Samantha, Geoff and Chris's story! Remember, there are PREORDER LINKS, a blurb and a SNEAK PEEK of Part I: Body, on the website here. I've glimpsed the final cover art and am waiting to receive the file format I need to get it uploaded to the website, so hopefully sometime this month you'll see that on the vendor sites as well as my website! And for those of you wondering, YES, Madison and Logan from Naughty Bits will make a key appearance in these books. Also, just like with Naughty Bits, if the sales of the novellas do well, the publisher will likely offer a compilation ebook and print version of Naughty Wishes about a year from the serial release.


So I didn't think it would EVER happen, but it finally did. After a couple false starts, Julie's hero has finally appeared, so the next book I'll be writing will be her story! She's waited freaking long enough, right? In case you need a reminder, Julie is Marcus and Thomas's friend in Rough Canvas, the one who had resigned herself to hanging out with gorgeous gay men rather than dealing with the aggravations of her own relationship. Here's what she told Marcus in Rough Canvas: "A vibrator's the best lover for me right now. I haven't even gotten close enough to the real thing to have my heart broken, not really. The guys who hurt me, they hurt me because they didn't love me. When your heart's broken by someone who loves you back, that's the only heartbreak that's worth the risk."

The muse has already started feeding me bits and pieces of her story, enough that I know Julie's assertion that she hasn't had her heart broken is a bunch of BS, but I'm sure Marcus and the rest of us knew that as well. Julie's a tough girl, not a whiner, so we'd expect nothing less than a brave face. But her hero is going to know the way to get past that and not only heal her heart, but offer his own in return. Lucky guy, for as we all know, Julie's heart is as big and generous as the world itself. I can't give you too much yet, but I can tell you that Desmond is the name of her hero. On the surface, he looks like an average guy. He's a roofer by trade, but there's way more to him than that...

Looking forward to introducing him to you, and letting us all get to know him AND Julie better.I'll start working on their story in earnest after the holidays, since between now and the end of the year I'll be doing a lot of necessary marketing stuff on my current and backlist titles. But if all goes well, I hope to have their story ready for you in the spring. I'll keep you posted!


Thank you, Heroes and Heartbreakers for putting the entire Nature of Desire series on their list for the Top 15 Erotic Romance Novels for All Readers!


The Annual Ornament Exchange is in its fifth successful year and a great way to build the holiday spirit with your fellow forum members. There's only a few days left before it closes (it ends October 30), so go jump into the Tea Leaves lounge and look for this thread to join the fun!

Standard Reminders about the JWH fan forum:

Announcement Panel: When you log onto the forum, there's a pinned Announcement post at the top that will tell you the latest things happening, like the Sunday night chat, new giveaways, etc.

To access the forum, or just learn more about all the great free reads, graphics and more that are offered there, visit this page on my website:

My great thanks to the ladies who independently run this site and give my fans a lovely place to get together and talk about books, hot heroes and all the things erotic romance lovers enjoy!


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Upcoming/Current Release News...

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03/15/15 - Soul Rest (Book VII of the Knights of the Board Room) - Leland and Celeste's story

10/31/15 - The Night's Templar, Book XIII of the Vampire Queen series

Jan-Apr 2016 - Naughty Wishes Another four-part ebook serial, set in the Naughty Bits world. The books will be released in four consecutive months:

Book I: Body - January 19, 2016
Book II: Heart - February 16, 2016
Book III: Mind - March 15, 2016
Book IV: Soul - April 19, 2016

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Oct 29, 11am CT (12 noon ET) - BDSM Book Reviews is celebrating its 4th year! Come join me and many other BDSM authors in the celebration. Giveaways, lots of book discussions, teasers and tons of fun. Join the party here.

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AUTHORS AFTER DARK 2016 - Aug 3-7, 2016, Savannah, GA

Next year, AAD 2016 in Savannah will be the LAST AAD. Savannah was one of our the most pleasurable and memorable locales for this event, and I hope you all will consider joining us to send this event out with a bang. It will be the only one I can swing next year, writing project and finance-wise, so I would love to see any and all of you! Sign up now!



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