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Book I of the Knights of the Board Room Series

Originally released March 2005; re-released with new publisher/cover July 2015.

Available as a standalone ebook or in print as part of the Behind the Mask anthology.

Savannah has been groomed since birth to take the reins of her father’s manufacturing empire. Her emotional armor is as tough as the steel used in her factories, and no man is allowed past it. Business partner Matt Kensington realizes that the key to entry is not to ask permission, but to command her submission. Calling on the unique sensual talents of his four-man management team, he engineers an aggressive takeover, determined to rescue the woman he’s always loved from the steel cage she’s manufactured around her heart.


© Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved

“You know what I fantasize about sometimes, Savannah? I’m sitting at the head of that table, listening to my team give me a report on something… Hell, anything. Could be the weather in Shanghai, for all I care.” A light smile touched his lips. “You’re sitting on my lap, naked, your arms bound behind your back. That tight little ass is squirming against my cock because I’m fondling your breasts, just idly stroking the curves, pinching the nipples, watching you get more and more aroused.”

His mouth took hers again. She pushed against his shoulders with the heels of her hands, but he only deepened the kiss, widened her mouth with the pressure of his. She could have pulled his hair, twisted, done several things to buck the embrace, but being in Matt’s embrace did not suggest battle. It screamed for surrender.

When he lifted his head and they stared into each other’s eyes, his lips wet with her mouth, she could not say her body was her own. It seemed to have melted into soft pliancy against every hard curve of his, and her pussy throbbed against the hard reminder of his cock. A disturbing reminder of what he wanted from her today. The impossible.

She was making more of this than there was. Her hormones hadn’t been indulged often enough, and Matt had hit the right buttons.

As if he were reading her thoughts, his voice dropped to a rough whisper. “You said a moment ago you’re willing to have sex. Why are you fighting me?”

She managed a shrug, not an easy body language to pull off with her body shaking and her chest heaving with the exertion of their struggle. “If you want to fill tonight’s dance card, then I had to make sure you worked for it.”

“You deny there’s anything special between us.”

“Nothing is between us. You want me, and it’s the hunt that’s got you so worked up. Tomorrow we’ll get an equal thrill from seeing that steel prices went down.”

“Then I suppose I’ll have to prove you wrong. I’m going to straighten up now and lay your wrists on the table on either side of you.” He unfolded her arms from her chest and did just that, stretching them out and placing her wrists against the smooth table surface.  “I’m going to unfasten your bra and see your breasts. If you move your wrists, lift them from the table, I’ll spank you. I’ll enjoy it.” His voice lowered, his eyes glittering with purpose. “So do me a favor and disobey.”

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