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Originally posted March 2010 in serial format on the JWH Connection fan forum, this story is now posted here as a free download (see options below), as well as offered in print/ebook format in the vignette compilation, Cantrips: Volume #1.

These characters are introduced in the first book of the Vampire Queen Series, Vampire Queen's Servant, and reappear throughout the series.

Background: This vignette is a prequel to Lyssa and Jacob’s first book, Vampire Queen's Servant. In this story, Lyssa’s servant is still Thomas, the celibate monk who later trains Jacob to take his place. Despite the carnal nature of vampires, Lyssa honored Thomas’s celibacy vow, with one notable exception. He started his service as a second mark, but when he agreed to forever bind himself to her as her third marked servant, she required a loyalty test. He had to give her his body for one night only. This story is about that night.

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